Making a Shoe Switch

Hey All,

So I'm running into a funky issue that I was hoping for some other opinions on.

I've been running in a pair of Adidas Marathon 10s. They have been working out really well for me so far. I had some minor issues with ankle tendonitis, but that has cleared up and I'm not sure it was just the shoes. Before the Marathon 10s, I was running in Saucony Mirage (the originals). I trained for my first ultramarathon in them (28 miles) and they were great! The only reason I tried something new after them was they fell apart dramatically, and I wanted to try something that might hold up a little better.

I prefer the lower heel-toe drop shoes, though I'm not actually sure what the measurement is on the Marathons. I'm starting to up my mileage again to train for a 30k early this summer, and decided to buy a pair of Saucony Mirage 3, thinking they had worked out so great the first time. However, I've tried running in them a few times, and they seem extra roomy to me (same size as my previous Saucony's) and they were irritating my outer arch/heel on this last run, enough that I had to walk and it still ached after I finished up the run/walk.

Any advice on what might be a good shoe to go to next? I'm not sure the Mirage 3s are going to do it for me, and I'm not sure I will be able to find a pair of the Marathons...I got them as a clearance store, and I'm not sure they still make them. I was thinking of trying the Saucony Virrata, but am not sure how they would hold up over long runs for me. I'm looking for something that is a little more low to the ground like the Marathon's and would appreciate any suggestions. Unfortuneately, I live in the middle of no where, so it is hard for me to get to places to try shoes on, so more main stream brands would be better.



  • You might try the Kinvara rather than the Virrata if you are worried about going zero drop. The Kinvara has a softer sole, not as roomy in the forefoot compared to the Mirage. You might also consider something like the Adidas Adios if you like the brand. I'll also throw in the NB 1400v2, love that shoe.
  • I was thinking about the Adidas Adios, but couldnt find too much about them that wasn't ad-speak. They are also kind of pricey, which makes me hesitant.
  • The 1400v2 is comparable to the adios and almost half the price, but be worth a look.
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