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Any of you guys got shoes you just don't trust? I'm talking about a pair of shoes that you've never run well in even though there seems to be absolutely nothing wrong with them. They tick all the boxes for shoes you like, but you don't like them, so much so that it's even got to the point where you don't know if it's the shoes that are the problem or if it's you. As an example I have a pair of Asics Hyperspeeds and I've never had an enjoyable run in them. Not once. I don't know why. It's not that they're too light - I can wear lighter Asics no problem. It's not that they're not light enough because I can wear heavier Asics without a problem. But these Hyperspeeds... there's no explanation for how I just don't get on with them. I'll still wear them now and again, and have a bad run but recently I've been thinking, maybe I put them on when I know I'm going to have a bad run, maybe somehow deep inside I know I'm going to hate this run. And I grab the Hyperspeeds. We all know there's no way of knowing if you're going to have a bad run before going. You can feel terrible and run great, feel great and run terrible. The only sure thing for me is if I put on the Hyperspeeds I'm going to have a horrible run. So, yeah, any of you guys got a pair bogey shoes you don't trust? Brooks Racer T5s are my other suspect shoes.


  • For me the Mizuno Sayonara fits this category, just could not get into them at all. To firm and stiff in the heel. Otherwise it meets my requirements in most ways. Merrell AllOut Rush is also kind of in this category, just can't seem to develop a liking for them.
  • Mizuno Wave Evo Levitas.  50mi on them and I just couldn't make it work.
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    I haven't warmed up to my GoBionic Pranas yet. They're light, flexible and roomy - and suck the life out of me. They soften the impace well but don't seem to give anything back.
    Maybe it's been too cold when I've run in them. I'll give them more chances yet.
  • Interesting thread! I find that some shoes come in and out of fashion with me. For example, Kinvara 3's got retired for a year and then I just pulled them out and had a great couple of runs in them--had been really enjoying skechers gorun 3 and right now don't enjoy them at all. 

    That said, The 1400v2 should be everything right for me in a shoe and I just feel blah every time I run in them. Same was true in the Adios Boost--on paper a perfect shoe for me, but every run in them felt clunky and terrible--they just seem to work against my natural stride. 
  • Brooks PureDrift for me. They tick all the boxes: low drop, nicely cushioned without sacrificing too much in the way of ground feel and fairly breathable. And yet, but they just feel horrible on my feet when I run. I really wanted to love them. Sigh.

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    It's just happened to me. I've been waiting for the Inov8 Tri Extreme 225 to come out. On paper they have everything I like in a shoe -low drop, not too much cushioning, No heel counter, minimal design, wide forefoot, light. Yet they just feel 'dead' when I run in them.
  • Agree totally on the PureDrift, and same with some of the more minimal Inov-8 Road stuff. Like the latter for casual wear a lot, but soles feel a bit dead, similar to the New Balance MR00.
  • Tried to take the Levitas out again with revised lacing.  Still just don't work right.  For some reason, I'm wearing the medial heel on my left foot in them, something I don't do in any other shoe...
  • Pearl Izumi EM Road N1. I never had a shoe that I hated more and more every time I run in them. Newton Energy is hit or miss.
  • Oh all threads to strike a chord... I guess goes to show that we all struggle with different shoes for different reasons.

    I really disliked the pair of MT110's I got.  On paper they were a great fit for what type of shoe I want. But in the flesh they felt stiff, too too tight around the mid-foot, horrible hard ledge around the edge of the footbed where the big toe sat.  I just couldn't get along with them and have never been able to reconcile just why they got such raving reviews from others.

    I got on better with the Kinvara, loved the weight, but fit was poor for my feet and never dialled into them.  I didn't ever have a good run in them.  Again couldn't get why they were so popular.

    My experience with the Inov-8 shoes has been a mixed bag, the anatomical last actually works well for my wide feet, the Trailroc 245 I loved, Trailroc 255's have always felt heavy and clunky in comparison - I get by with them on but I just don't revel in my runs in them.  

    My F-Lite 232's I love pretty well out of the box, but find the cushioning level a little less than I'd prefer on rocky trails, swamping the thin insoles for 6mm ones sorts this out and turns it my personal favourite all-round shoe.

    Similar story for my Road X-Ttreme 178's, good, but lacks a bit of pop and comfort on roads for my personal preference.  Swapping the thin insoles with 6mm ones changes the shoe from so so to off yes rather quite nice and now my favourite road shoe.

    So... all might not be lost, you might be able to tweak those don't quite work shoes to ones that can work well.
  • ...and sometimes a shoe ends up surprising you. The first time I ran in my Inov8 233 road shoes I thought they were too hard a ride and didn't like the 6mm drop. Now, they're my favourite shoe. Yes, I still don't like the 6mm drop but I only really sense that when standing in them. But I love their simplicity, last shape and lightness. Add to that the lovely 'tip-tap' sound when I run in them and they're now my favourite shoe. I've run up to 14 miles in them and now considering taking that up to marathon maybe.
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