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I'm curious about others' experiences with the Conquest. A month or so back I finally gave in and purchased a pair of Bondi S2s on clearance. They've been an interesting addition to my rotation but I wanted something highly cushioned with a little less squish so I thought I'd try the Conquest. Out of the box it was evident that this was a quality shoe. However, not only were they equipped with the dental floss-like speed laces, they were about 3" too long. No way did they stay tucked in during a run. The fit of the shoe was on the narrow side but not too narrow. As for the cushioning, it was exactly what I had hoped for. Plenty of it, but not that trampoline feeling I get from the Bondis. But now for the deal breakers: 1. The larger elastic band which I assume is there only to hold those horrible laces in place is attached to 2 eyelets on either side of the shoe. This area is reinforced with thick metal eyelets that killed the top of my feet. Torture with each stride. 2. Stiffness. The rocker bottom just didn't do it for me. I would try to toe off out of habit and the stiffness killed my arches. This was of course exacerbated by the need to loosen the shoe to try and put some space between the top of my foot and those aforementioned eyelets. Very disappointed. Can't get these back to RRS soon enough. Any other positives or negatives with this shoe? Thanks


  • I tried the Conquest by running in the parking lot of the store. They were narrower and firmer than the Bondi 3. Not as narrow as the Rapa Nui it seemed. My feet were landing and rolling better in the Conquest than the Rapa Nui, but not as well as in the Bondi. I was thinking of giving the Conquest another try because I'm having trouble with some pain on the top of my foot with the Bondi - but your comment about a similar issue with the Conquest isn't encouraging. I love the Bondi, but the heel is too loose and forced me to tie it too tight causing the top of foot pain. I'm trying some alternate lacing techniques to help out and haven't been totally successful. The Bondi may go back as much as I hate to say it. They have helped alleviate pain and tightness in nearly everything else in my legs and feet, but that darn top of foot pain tends to ruin it.
  • I also recently bought a pair of Conquests having had decent luck with the Bondi2 last year.  I used the Bondi's for my last marathon and liked them so much I figured to just stick with the next big offering from Hoka.  Unfortunately I have run into similar issues: 1) Way too narrow in the toe box - to the point of it being very painful during my last long run  2) the silly speed laces, now I'm certainly not opposed to speed lacing especially if they would have implemented them like my saloman's but no, they're too long, you lose the top eyelet because they stop it one short so your secure your heel well, and they just feel a little cheap 3) they feel very rigid and stiff.  Called my running store where I bought them and they recommended I try the Altra Olympus instead.  Interestingly they don't stock them as to not to compete with the Hoka's but said they'd order them for me.  I previously tried out the Instincts and found them ok but lacking in cushioning - hoping that the Olympus work.

  • I've put a little over a 100 miles on a pair of Bondi b's.  Don't know how they fit compared to the bondi 2's?  I haven't noticed pain across the top of the foot, though did notice heel slippage unless I wore heavier socks (smartwool running) which seems to make the shoe fit me well.  Good toe box for me, really no complaints.  They seem ultra cushiony to me compared to my other shoes, but I understand that these are lower cushion compared to the rest of the Hoka shoes.
  • I have put over 500 miles on two pair of Conquest.  Liked the first so well I got another.  Yeah the speed laces are not the best and one of my pair they began to come apart so I replaced them with the Salomon quick lace system and that made all the difference in the world (they are only 10 bucks).  They are a bit wider than the Rapa Nui but you all are correct in that there are not as wide as the Bondi.  I really like the Conquest better than the Bondi in that I felt I have more control cornering and could get better speed than with the Bondi.  I also got a pair of the Altra Olympus and really like them.  They feel more cushioned than the Conquest and I can run faster in them the Conquest.  I like alternating between the Olympus and the Conquest it seems to work well for me.
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