New Balance Road 1010v2 or Saucony Fastwitch 6

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I am looking for new shoes for my first road marathon next June. The goal is to find something similar to Kinvara but closer to the ground and more responsive (I train with Kinvara but also with Merrell`s Road Glove; I love both, and something in beteween would be my marathon pefect shoe...).

After searchig models here and there in Internet, I think 1010 and Fastwitch 6 are close to what I am looking for, specially Saucony. BUT, I don`t really trust meassurements made by Runningwarehouse (usally very acurate, but sometimes, like this, surprinsing to me). RW says: NB 20-16mm; Fastwitch  18-14mm. And my eyes say: NB is closer to the least in pictures. Does somebody have both so that can tell me the differences? Any idea? 

By the way, Merrel BA 3 may also be a good choice...


  • I don't have the NB, but I can say that the Fasttwitch feels firmer and lower to the ground compared to the Kinvara. Did several long runs in them last Spring, almost chose them for my marathon shoe. Forefoot is decently roomy as well.
  • I don't have experience with either the NB1010 or Fastwich 6 but a couple of days ago I ran a road marathon in a pair of Inov8 Road-X-Treme 178's.  Out of the box I found that just a little too firm to consider doing marathon in them but found replacing the 3mm firm insoles with home-made 6mm foam insoles turned them into a shoe that had just the right amount of cushioning for my race.  

    I make this suggestion as just changing insoles can transform a shoe from having too little or too much cushioning and adjust things to our preferences for a particular race distance/terrain.
  • I agree Robert, insoles can completely change the feel of a shoe, I swap all the time.
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    I absolutelly agree with the importance of insoles. Since I read your review of Brooks Pure Cadence (I think it was that one,) I started to swap insoles and it is amazing how things change in some shoes. I use Inov 195`s  as the "minimal" insloe and saucony`s Ride 4 as the "maximalist". For instance, with the latter I manage to start running with the Vivo Barefoot Neo, which was too minimal for me up to that moment. 

    As for the NB vs Fastwitch comparation, I finally brought NB home and I am really happy with them; they are just slyly closer to the grpund that Kinvara, but fit is perfect for me. By the way, they don`t have any insole, so the rather firm ride may chage into something softer with a simple insole.

    I also purchased the Mizuno Hitogami in order to replace Kinvara and make them my next marathon shoes (yeah, I know, two shoes in just a couple of weeks...a little bit shopaholic). Really enjoying them: nice ride (soft and responsive at the same time), light and roomy enough. Drop is higher than I prefer, but as long as I am so close to the ground it is not that important. 
  • Speaking of insoles...does anyone have recommendations for which insoles they use?  I am specifically looking for something to add a little cushioning to a few pairs of firmer shoes even though I like the low to the ground feel.  Thanks!

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