Groin strain, how long to rest?

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I am a 48 year old male and I had been running for fun/form for several years. After I overcome knee pains, several months ago a groin pain started. I continued to run after giving rest for 2-3 weeks, but it restarted every time. Last time I gave a break of 4 weeks and have not felt it, but after running it came back. Usually I run a 5K after 1K warmup walk, and some cooldown walk. Pain is not too much, but sometimes I limp a day or two after running. Any suggestions?



  • Naci, 

    It doesn't appear that rest only is the answer. If done properly running doesn't need to hurt. You need to find a specialist in your area who can look at your balance and find out what's causing the balance issues. Just a guess of course but that's probably your issue. It could be a structural imbalance or a muscle imbalance or both. I would do a search on CHEK Practitioners or the like you your area. 

    As an example. Many people suffer from Plantar Faciitis or general foot pain and they try to fix the issue with shoes or night splints etc. Many foot pain issues reside in the calf. A Calf that is overly tight creates an imbalance and something has to give. The weakest link is what always gives. That's not saying it's always the foot but often times it is the foot. 
  • Best to see a PT or sports chiropractor and have it looked at if it keeps coming back.
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