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Pete and anyone else who can help,
I have seen you mention the Skechers GObionic 2 in some posts and had a couple questions I was hoping someone could help me with. After talking with Skechers customer service department, I was advised that a version of the 2 had already been released and discontinued and that v3 would be coming out summer '14. This didn't match what I have read online. Does anyone have any information on the new Bionic's and their availability? The first version has been the perfect trainer for me for some time now and unfortunately I cannot find them in my size anywhere!



  • You were given bad info. The GoBionic 2 is due to be released any day now. Upper update and new insole, sole itself is the same. I helped them develop/refine it last Spring/Summer and have 3-4 iterations sitting on my shoe rack :)
  • Hi Pete

    Would you know the main differences between the GoBionic Fuel and the GoBionic 2? I'm especially interested in stack heights in heel, midfoot, and forefoot.


  • Miki, this is what Skechers gave me about the Fuel..."The Skechers GObionic Fuel has a 16.5mm midsole thickness in the heel and 12.5mm in the forefoot. There is a 17mm build in the midfoot, so there is a slight midfoot 'bump', but not as much as in the other styles."

    I haven't tried them yet. Think I may stick to the regular Bionics.

  • I don't know much about the Fuel, lots of people have asked me about it. Didn't know it existed until it came out a few weeks ago. Maybe I'll email the design team for some specifics.
  • I see the go bionic 2 is listed on the Skechers site in the performance section. $90.00 seems higher than the original pair but the shoes look great. Still wear my originals as a casual shoe. Also saw a couple new color iterations of the run ride 3. New Go Bionic, nike Free, and NB minimus road! All minimal fans get wallets ready!

  • FYI also saw a shoe listed called the Go Run Sprint with a 6mm drop.  Never heard of it. 
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    I walked into Skechers Hong Kong store today and asked for GOBionic 1 or 2 (after reading Peter's review). I showed the assistant pictures - she said they no longer stock those models - she introduced me to the GObionic Fuel, I tried it on but the heel felt very loose. She also didn't know if it was zero drop or not. Overall was not completely convinced that this shoe was designed with running exclusively in mind.
  • The Fuel model might be more similiar to the BionicRide model.  I have this shoe and enjoy it quite a bit for shorter runs.

    The Skechers website has a "discussion" tab for the Fuel.  There are 4 questions/answers comparing the Fuel to the GoBionic, GoRun and GoRunRide models.

  • The Fuel is apparently more a mass-market shoe, not a performance shoe. Skechers makes shoes for a lot of retail outlets so they have a lot of styles. The Performance line is the running specific stuff,
  • GoBionic is not available in the stores. I've tried :)

    One of the things I loved about the original GoBionic was it's casual design: no reflectors, no flashy colors, street shoe aesthetic. I'm sad to see these features go. I wish I had bought a lot of pairs of the original. Most of what I loved about the original is gone in version 2. I was going to buy some more pairs in version 2 but I don't like what I'm seeing in version 2. Why did they have to change the design? I wish they had sold the original version a little longer before changing its design. Hopefully they'll return to the original features with GoBionic 3; otherwise, I'll have to find something else.
  • Yeah i loved the casual design as well which enabled me to wear the shoes in a lot of different situations. You can go through Amazon and still buy the shoe although they have a very limited number of sizes left.  
  • I totally agree DonL. I like the original GoBionic so much it has become the only shoe I wear. I
    wear it everywhere. Only exception is when I
    have to wear a suit :0

    I haven't been able to find my size anywhere. I'm really sour I didn't buy several pairs back when they were available.

  • Finally managed to get together a review of the GoBionic 2 with a little insight on the changes made and the design process:
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