Looking for a low drop shoe for wide feet

I have wide feet and need shoes with either a "wide", "EE", or in the case of Salomon's, "M+" option.  The problem is that I would really love the following type of shoe and it is not easy to find in a wide.

I'm looking for:
  • A shoe with a 0-6mm drop.  Anything in that range will work.
  • At least a 12mm cushion or decent rock plates to protect my feet on trails
  • A shoe that breathes well (It doesn't get that cold where I live/run)
I wear a size 11 and on roads, I wear the Saucony Kinvara 4 in a wide.  For some reason, they decided not to make a wide in their trail version of the Kinvara.  

Any help would be greatly appreciated!



  • I would look into the Altra Lone Peak and Altra Olympus. They are a standard D width, but they run wide.

    Also, slightly outside your parameters, the New Balance 1210 does come in the 2E and 4E widths, but the drop is 8mm.

    Hope this helps. Good luck.
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    Definitely Altra shoes and anything from fast shoes like The One to the maximalist versions like Olympus, Torin 2. They really maxed out the new versions but I stick with the originals. You were looking for trail shoes? Then definetely the "Hoka-killer" Olympus or I prefer the Superior. Both have rock plates but the Superior is much more barefoot style. A lot of people are like me, once you start running in Altras you just want more. It is all about the toe box. I wonder why no other shoe makers understand that. There are a lot of other wonderful shoes out there but they are all cramping my toes. (Sounds like I sell them but no, I just love them)
  • +1 for the Altra Lone Peak.

    I don't know if they make them in EE, but you probably will be fine in the regular ones. Maybe you won't, but you won't be wasting your time to try them on. A lot of people who used to wear EE or even EEEE in the "big name" shoes get into some Altras and never look back.

    They're all zero drop. And the Lone Peak is the model that fits your reqs. You could also try their new Olympus, which is max cushion. I have Lone Peaks and love 'em. In city/state parks, I'll run in Superiors. When I am running longer or on more (back)country trails, it'll be Lone Peaks.

    If you do try on some LPs, post your thoughts. Good luck in your search!
  • It sounds like I need to try the Altras.  I knew they didn't have a wide, but I had not heard about the wide toebox.  From the enthusiastic responses, I'll try on a pair in the next few days.  Thank you very much!
  • I always wonder about the 2E and 4E that e.g. NewBalance offers, also Merrells Trail Glove in "wide" version. Maybe someone could clarify this. I may not have a wide foot but I have to have a wide toe box. Are the NBs wide in the middle of the shoe? If you have a high arch (I don't) do you then need a "wide" shoe in the way NB makes them? Before I tried Altras I bought shoes that had enough space in the toe box but then they had a very loose fit meaning I had to tighten the laces all the way.

  • Another shoe to look at is Innov8 303 terrafly. 6mm drop, running warehouse measures 18 mm heel, 12 mm forefoot. I have  a 3E foot, and that shoe seemed to fit well. I planned on getting it when I consider trail shoes. New balance does alright with 2E, but if you are looking at trail shoes I have never tried theirs other than the MT10. Altras may work, but you might have to try a different lacing method depending how wide your foot is.
  • Altras definitely one to look at. Maybe also the Skechers GoBionic Trail.
  • New Balance makes narrow(B), standard(D), and wide(2E) platforms on the mens side.  4E shoes have a "ballooned" upper built on a 2E platform.  To answer your question, 2E and 4E NB's are wider in the middle compared to a standard D width. 
  • Quick update.  I went to the store today and tried on the Altra Olympus and Superior.  I liked the cushion level on the Superior better, but the shoe was tight over the top of the middle of my foot.  I essentially pulled the laces completely out and it was still tight.  By contrast, the Olympus was comfortable over the top of my foot and I loved the fit overall.  I was surprised by how much cushion there was, but figured that if I didn't like that much cushion, these could always be my "running on an injury" shoes.  I'll try them on the trails and see if the cushion is too much.  If the Superior had fit like the Olympus, I would have gone with those.  I ever tried going up a half size on the Superior and it was still uncomfortable.

    I'll report more after the first trail trial.

  • Thanks to everyone that gave suggestions.  I tried the Olympus, but they had a metal eyelet on the bottom of the lace-up that rubbed against my foot.  I tried the Lone Peak and love them.  The wide toe box seems to absolutely accommodate my wide feet and the mid range cushion works great on street or trail.  More versatile than some of the other shoes I've owned.  

    If Altra fix the issue with the eyelet, I would try the Olympus again.   The shoe actually felt great to run in and the cushion put some spring in my step!

    Thanks again.
  • I have feet that are very wide at the mid-foot (the outside of my mid-foot is just as wide as my forefoot) and struggle to find shoes that accommodate my feet properly.  The most success I've had so far is with Inov-8's shoes with their Anatomical/Natural Last - although shoes on this last that have built up uppers around the mid-foot to craddle the midfoot are a bit too tight, while ones with less restrictive uppers work best.  I have pair of Nike Kiger which also work OK for my foot.  

    I expect Altra's will accommodate my foot width too, but find it difficult to get my head around having a heavier and less flexible shoe than I'm now used to.
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