What shoe am I missing in my quiver, if any?

Hi all! I've posted 2x before and received great advice. It's nice to post here as the community is smaller and laser-focused. :-) So I'm dipping in the well again.

Right now I switch between two shoes - PureFlow 3s and NB 890v3s. Aside from the different drops, which on my size 10 foot are about 10 and 6mm, these shoes seem similar to me - lightweight, neutral, cushioned. I use the NBs for speedwork and for longer runs and the PFs for shorter, recovery runs. This may seem odd but I am still new to a midfoot/lt. heel strike and am working through some arch and calf weakness for which I'm in PT. I'm new to the PFs and really like them but am working towards the lower drop, so keeping it easy. The NBs are so flexible and comfy to me that I like them for both speed and longer runs. Side note: during my last PT session my running was recorded on one of those techie treadmills and my strike pattern was shown to me, and it was cool to see that I had the midfoot strike rather than the strike that shows the two peaks/higher impact forces (if I'm interpreting this correctly).

A little background on my running - I'm new, been at this for about 2 years, with a ton of time spent on injury rehab and strengthening. (I had no idea just how weak I was, lol. Sorta lol. Heh.) Female, 40, pretty light for my height (6'). My long runs are about 8-10 miles and my speedwork is short and "easy" as I am new to it. Definitely mid-pack pace. I am going to run some halfs this summer, with my goal being a kickass time at the Eugene half in July (pavement). I run at least 50% on the amazing trails in Central Oregon but also on bark and pavement. Long runs are always trail. I average about 20 miles a week and don't see that increasing substantially.

So, do I need another shoe? The NBs do just fine on trails although they are not very waterproof but that's not much of an issue given where I live, and I don't know if I *truly* need a speedwork shoe although I will be picking that up during my upcoming training. BTW, I tried the 890v4s and those damn heel pods suck. The heel feels like a giant block on my foot compared to the v3s. Ugh.


  • You only need another shoe when you feel like you need another shoe.  I almost always need another shoe ;)

    What do you not like about your current shoes?  What aren't they doing well enough?  For something in a lower drop than what you have, but not too much lower, the Kinvara is a popular choice and a trusty standby for many.  Light enough to race, cushioned enough to go long.  There is a trail version, too.  Or maybe the Newton Energy--that is shoe designed for people transitioning to lower drop shoes, but try before buying--those Newton lugs are something you'll love or hate.  

  • If you plan to do some speed a racing flat might make sense, but if your current two shoes are working well no need to muck things up given your injury history. I'd agree with Kinvara being another good option (wait till v5 comes out) or maybe something like the Mizuno Hitogami if the 8mm NB's are working well.
  • This is the question of your comfort.You have spent huge time in injury so it is important to choose proper shoes but if you ask me I will prefer NBs.
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