Signs of a shoe geek (or runblogger follower!)

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1. When you're out on a run and you find yourself trying to identify shoe types by patterns left on the pavement from wet footprints after puddles. 
(swear I was behind a Saucony runner the other day, tell-tale triangles on the tread pattern)

2. When you try and (without any training!) do gait analysis on tracks of strangers in the snow based on the length of the "comet trail" left by their foot as the heel comes dragging into the snow (vs. your nice clean footprint with its natural and balanced mid-foot strike of course!)

3. you look to the shoes as runners pass by ("You're running in those?") then to other attributes!


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    Yeah, I do stuff like that. Newton tracks are easy to spot, of course, and are becoming more common. I can't say that I've noticed the "comet trail" thing, but I'll be on the lookout for it now. 
  • To my eye, most of the contestants on The Biggest Loser wear Asics.  Alison Sweeney, however, wears a brand-new looking pair of pink Newtons.

    The fact that I know that should tell you something.
  • Anytime I see a runner I look at their feet to see what they're wearing.
  • I can't tell you how many times I have caught myself looking at (no, staring and examining) a pair of running shoes, and upon realizing who is wearing them I quickly turn to my wife and explain that I was looking at the shoes and not the female runner in them!  :-)
  • I stare at shoes long enough to know that girls get the cool shoes.

  • I ask people "what are your new shoes?" And they say "I dunno. Mizuno something, I think" and then I look closer and say something like "oh, looks like the Wave Rider 16, one of their most popular lines, cushioned and neutral, version 17 has just come out with a whole new midsole material ........" And then they back away slowly and escape.
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    Ha ha, I do many of the same things a lot of you mention here!  One thing that I think throws off my friends is when I almost immediately notice if they have purchased new shoes, like Harbourboy mentioned. I always notice right away and ask my friends about them. They must think I am a weirdo, since I evidently am obsessed with their footwear in the same way that women notice a new haircut on their friends right away...

    My wife always laughs at me when I can identify the brand, make, and version number of a specific running shoe that a contestant on Survivor is wearing from a quick 2 second glimpse in the middle of an immunity challenge.
  • Best comment goes to Harbourboy!

    I spent most of my recent vacation in FL looking at people's feet...
  • See what you've done to us Pete!
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