Question about TP Therapy Cool Point

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So browsing the web I came across this:

Sounds a little piece of gear that helps you cool down. Would be great for the summer.
My question is does this work?
Does anyone have any experience with this piece of equipment?


  • No experience with this product, but it may be based on Stanford research which showed heat loss and gain came from the hands more than torso. They had developed a "gizmo" that warmed patients after anesthesia. Initial research came from studies on hibernating bears interestingly. Seems like this should work for as long as it could stay cold/frozen.
  • I would rather rely on appropriate clothing and my ability to sweat than any gadget. I think that this is a vital part of the training process - including limiting eating and drinking during runs.
    I will admit that excessivle heat is not a regular thing where I live, so take my opinion for what it is.
  • I tend to be a skeptic of stuff like this unless there is a legitimate study proving some benefit.
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