Treadmill recommendations

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Blew up my old treadmill and starting to look at a few new ones (on paper so far)
Looking at the true ps100, ps300 and precor 9.27. All are close in price. Any feedback/input would be great! Going to try them out (different stores) this weekend.


  • After much analysis, feedback from other runners and ultimately trying out models at the store - we went with the Precor 9.27, so far we've had it for 3 years and it has been great (and we use it daily either for walking and/or running).  

    I ran on both the Precor and the True (and a few other models) and it came down to which machine felt the best during my test run (recommend running at least 15-20 minutes on any machine you are interested in before making the decision).

  • This is really expensive and if anyone ever runs on one I'd be happy to hear about your thoughts.!runner/cimi

  • Well tried them out, going for the PS300. Felt more stable then the Precor. Should be here later this week.
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