Instinct 2.0

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First impressions, prior to running in them . . .
  • They're REALLY soft, probably too soft . . . and that's coming from a guy who likes softer shoes (Cursoris, Kiger, etc.) than I would guess the average person on this forum does.
  • The laces are useless - flimsy and much too short.
  • The fit is at least a half size larger than the 1.0/1.5.
I wasn't a particularly big fan of the 1.0/1.5, but for those who were, be advised that these are very different shoes.


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    Are they any more flexible? The 1.5s that I had (and returned) felt like planks on my feet, especially compared to my beloved Go Run 2s.

    They were crazy comfortable as a casual shoe, though. If their new casual shoe were not leather, I'd be all over them.
  • I agree with your "planks" comment about the 1.0/1.5.  The 2.0 is indeed more flexible, but comparing them is difficult because apart from the Instinct name they're completely different.  I can't say this for sure because I've never tried the Torin, but I would guess the 2.0 is a lot more like the Torin than the 1.0/1.5.
  • Tempted as I like soft shoes and the 1.0 and 1.5 didn't do much for me since they were firm planks. Decisions...
  • The Instinct 2.0s are WAY softer than the Torin 1.5/1.0. Yes, it has less stack height, but the midsole is different. Much softer.

    Actually a nice, comfy trainer for easy miles.

    But the softness did surprise me. A totally different shoe from the Instinct 1.5.
  • Agree - I'm tempted as well.  I like the increased flexibility, and the cushion might make it a good marathon shoe for me (a very middle-o-the-pack runner).  Also very intrigued by The One v.2, which I just learned tonight at a group run is called "The One Squared."  At least that's what the Altra rep called it.  Saucy looking and feeling shoe.  Again, like the Instinct 2..0, it looks to be a completely different shoe that the first iteration.

  • Yes.. a very different shoe. It actually manges to pinch my feet despite the wide toe box. I think that is cause by the toe strip and the amount of  material on the sole.  The soles are mostly very soft material with a thin rubber(?) coating.  I wonder how long they would last on pavement.
  • My bright greens from Running Warehouse came today and took them out for a quick 5 miler. After being quite disappointed with the Transcend and Conquest I'm a happy shoe geek at the moment. What others have said about a completely different shoe is accurate. But much improved versus the 1.5 in my opinion. The upper has plush padding around the heel collar and the material is different than any of the other Altras I own. The fit seems much more dialed in: snug mid-foot but a nice and not too ridiculously wide toe box. These are much more cushioned than the 1.5 and the Torin for that matter. Much more flexible than either shoe as well. I have just a few small gripes: 1) agree that laces are too short. No chance making that last eyelet; 2) there's a rubber toe cap - not sure that it's completely necessary and could affect breathability in the summer; 3) the tongue doesn't have much in the way of padding-coupled with tight lacing could be an issue on longer runs. TBD. As far as sizing I went with my standard 13 and they're perfect. So that's my two cents after one run but I'm thinking Altra nailed this one. Thanks!
  • Anyone have any idea when these shoes are going to hit running stores?  I'm thinking that the Instinct would be a good shoe for me, but I'd rather support my local running store (the one who gives me pizza and beer after the weekly group run) than order online.
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