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Hey guys,
It has been frigid cold up here in northern Michigan so I have not been running a lot but about to start training again.  I like to run with music but I keep it a low volume to hear what is going on around me, I consider it background music. I am looking to make the jump into bluetooth headphones but have no idea where or what to look for.  What bluetooth headphones have you guys had good luck with?  Sound clarity isn't as important to me as comfort and staying in the ear is (iPhone headphones will NOT stay in my ear, always have to use over the ear headphones).  Looking forward to what you guys have to say.



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    I don't have Bluetooth , but use Yurbuds they never fall out. They have also just released a Bluetooth version.
  • I have used LG HBS-700 for about 2 years now and I absolutely love them. 

    I wear them with only one ear bud at a time (leaving the other one in the 'holster') 

    Initially I was concerned that they would bounce on my shoulders but that has not been a problem at all. 
    They control iPhone fairly well with Volume and Siri on one side and play/pause, track forward\back on the other side. 

    After two years I do have a little bit of wear on the cable but it has not impacted the performance at all. (I attribute it to wearing them about 12 hours a day every day.)

    With regards to in-ear comfort and "hearing your environment" I've heard good things about these... They aren't the full bluetooth headphones, but just the buds. 

  • I have a pair of Jaybird Freedom

    and the Jabra Sport+

    The Jaybird stays put better and has better sound quality and battery life. Downside is that they are in-ear and thus harder to hear your surroundings. The Jabras are ok, but seems a lot of people having trouble with units dying in Amazon reviews. Mine are working fine, but my original pair of Jabra Sport (precursor to the Sport+) had the battery life dwindle away to less than 45 minutes on a charge pretty quick.
  • Pete,

    Do the Jaybirds fit in the ear enough that they would fit comfortably underneath a tight winter running hat? I use a Pearl Izumi winter running hat, and while I absolutely love how well it works; it is somewhat tight on my head so it limits what headphones I can use while wearing the hat.  

    Have you had any issues with the headphones dying from sweat & moisture? I have a few pairs of Kinivo bluetooth headphones which are over ear and had my first failure already; I'm assuming from too much sweat as I've been using them indoors on my treadmill this winter.  

  • I wear both under winter running hats with no issue, but not sure how tight my hats are compared to yours - I usually use a Mountain Hardware windstopper hat. They do bulge out a bit, but doesn't bother me. 

  • Thanks guys I appreciate the feedback.  Pete I just saw your review as well, very well done as usual.  Thanks for the help!

  • In lieu of anything that reduces the runners' ability to clearly hear surrounding noises (i.e. Bluetooth or a corded sports earphone) I recommend instead the RoadNoise safety vest with embedded speakers in the vest.  The speakers, which connect via the earphone jack of the runner's MP3 player or smartphone is held in place securely in a pocket of the vest.  From my experience the RoadNoise safety vest's speakers provides the runner with sufficient sound volume to be easily heard, but unlike earphones allow the surrounding sounds to be clearly heard.  For further information my recent review of the RoadNoise is at, and my only advice is to up-size it (at 6'0" tall weighing 170 lbs. I normally wear a medium on everything, but on this item I required a large) and to protect your MP3 player or smartphone from the elements by placing it in a plastic sandwich bag.
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