5 Issues With Runner’s World Irresponsible Article

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Runner's World has a tendency to publish simplistic articles with little to no information all in the name of page views. I take issue with that. Their most recent post titled: “Heel Landing Beats Midfoot in Half-Marathon Study” really got me going. 

Would love to hear what everyone else thinks about their article and their general format of posting/sharing information. 


  • On board completely with your assessment - they seem generally unable to critically examine running-related research. This article was yet another example of their confirmation bias - they print any research that supports the business model they're invested in (e.g., stability shoes, shoes that promote heel-striking, etc.), but never address any limitations of said research. They also find a way to put a negative spin on research focused on more minimalist shoes - for a recent example, compare their write-up of research comparing injury rates in Vibrams, Frees, and Pegasus, with what Pete had to say.

    The only reasons I bother with their site are for Alex Hutchinson's Sweat Science blog (almost always good reading, and his scientific chops make him quite the outlier at RW), and of course, Remy's World.
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