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Pearl Izumi EM Road N0

edited February 2014 in General
Just got the PI N0's delivered in the mail. No run yet, snowed in from running roads pretty much for a week now. Thought I'd share fit, feel thoughts.

Fit is great, not too wide, not too narrow. Reminds me of the Saucony A5 in terms of fit. Sole is firm and fairly stiff. Suspect it's going to be a great shoe for speed. Wearing it sockless right now, can't feel any seams, lining is very soft. Very comfy.

This is not a zero drop shoe. I measure it about 5-6mm drop (about 21-22mm heel, 16mm forefoot). The insole is uniform in thickness unlike the insole of the N1, so it feels very similar to a low profile racing flat. None of that dynamic offset business here (whatever that meant).

Loving the simplicity of this shoe. Nothing fancy about it. Basic upper, full contact, low profile sole, plain but attractive aesthetics. I think I'm going to get along well with this one!



  • Very cool.  Looking forward to hearing more about these!
  • I love the simplicity of this shoe.

  • Ah, I've been curious about this one! I also fell in love with its simplicity, and I'm hoping it will behave as it promises... :)

    21-22/16mm of EVA and blown rubber. What's your feeling? good for speed but also daily runs? Looks like a quite generous sole...

    Ach. I have decided I can but don't want to run anymore in my trusty Green Silence. They have more than 7000 kilometers (4300 miles?) on them and I've decided life is too short to run in worn out shoes! Looking at this ones as a replacement for most of my daily runs. They will be in rotation with NB RC500 (speed/track workouts), MT10 (trails/snow), Skora Phase (anything that doesn't require long long distances), MR00 (strength/fun), and RC1600 (which have somehow replaced the Green Silence this week).

    Yes, it's not that I don't have shoes. But not one to replace the GS...

    Not my intention to boycott this thread but, I'm also open to other suggestions! :)
  • How in the world do you get 7000km on one pair of shoes?  You sure you didn't add a "0" by accident?
  • pics of 7000k shoes please...or whats left of them anyway

    loving the aesthetics of this shoe and looking forward to the Runblogger review

  • I know those GS started off with a much softer sole than the PI, but with what's left of them after running across the United States twice, perhaps not any more LOL!
  • BryanEW710 Strava has 6286 kilometers (3900 miles) logged for the GS, but I was running with them before opening the Strava account. 7000, 6000... not important. The GS are sturdy! and I'm a lady, a not-to-sensitive or strong lady... :)

    Also I'm very, very indecisive: I never dare to change what is working! and these GS have served flawlessly for a couple of years. Sure, Sam , they are not the same: they have grown their own character! and I have grown with them. It's probably the most similar to the 3D printing technology from NB that I'll put on my feet! :)

    Again, I don't want to take over this thread but I think this raises an interesting question: do we really, really benefit from fresh shoes every 1000 miles? Other than the psychological benefit (motivation to take them out or feeling faster, happier!), is there a real physical need? Like with everything else the answer is probably very individual and depends on many factors.

    So don't be surprised, it is possible to run healthy and happy on a pair of GS for close to 7000 kilometers! But somehow, yes, at this point it's time to start looking for a replacement. Poor new pair! :)

    eugene  maybe with your help? Don't know how to upload the photos!

    So, what would you suggest as a soft but firm (is this possible?) reincarnation of the GS? :)
  • SamSam
    edited February 2014
    Laeuferin, I can't think of anything that really closely matches the GS.  7-8 ounces, a soft sole, 8-9mm drop, full contact sole, no stability elements or dual density foam.

    Maybe a Montrail FluidFlex?

    Ironically the NB 980 you mentioned have a similar sole feel, slightly more responsive, but they are lower drop.

    Perhaps a Brooks Launch, but I've never tried them.

    Personally I'd recommend the NB 980's to anyone, I think they are a wonderful and simple shoe.
  • Thanks, Sam! At least you could name the features of the GS I have to search somewhere else... :)

    I haven't mentioned the NB 980 but I'm also curious about them. A tad skeptical about such amount of foam, but won't judge until I give them a try.

    Meanwhile, I'll put some more kiometers in the poor GS... :)
  • I really like this shoe. I've got close to 10 miles in it now over two runs and it's just a great low to the ground, flexible shoe.
  • What's the outsole material on it?  How much does each material cover?  It looks like EVA outsole with a few rubber spots on the medial toe and lateral heel.
  • The first shoe from this company that I'm interested in. The name always bothered me. How's that for rational?
  • For a GS alternative maybe the NB 1400v2 or adidas Adios Boost? Both have similar drop, softish heel.
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  • It's funny that this thread somewhat sidetracked into a discussion on the Brooks Green Silence. I was just about to say that when I saw the N0 initially, the first thing I thought of was the GS; based on the simplicity of the upper and the outsole design.  

    To answer laeuferin's question about the Launch, I would say that it may have a KIND OF similar ride to the GS, but not super close. The upper on the Launch for sure is less foot hugging than the GS, so it depends on what you prefer. Even with the diffs between the GS and the Launch, these are still 2 of my favorite all time shoes and I currently have a brand new pair of GS sitting in a box in my shoe closet awaiting my retirement of my first GS pair which is "only" at 400 miles. I was thinking that I may need to retire them soon, but based on laeuferin's posts, I might have another 1000 miles in them!  
  • Nice.  I wish I'd had the foresight to stash away a pair of the GS.  
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