Racing flat questions - Saucony Fastwitch 6, A6, and Skechers Go Run Speed 2

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My guess is that the answer to all of my questions are either:  it depends or it doesn't matter.  I've been transitioning to lower drop shoes for the last 6 months or so and most of my running lately has been in the Go Run 2's and the Go Run Ride 2's.  I've got a half-marathon coming up in the next six weeks and I've become bitten by the "racing flat" bug (as indicated by my previous post comparing the GR2's and GR Speeds).  I'm considering the ones listed in the heading for a couple of reasons: 1) ligthweight, 2) low heel-toe drop, and 3) brands that I know and trust.  Let me fully acknowledge that I recognize that this is more curiosity than anything else because I'm not a fast runner and I know that a racing flat is not going to make me that much of a faster runner. This is just me and my shoe fetish getting the best of me!  But, anyway, on to a few questions:

1.  Do you find a firmer forefoot to be helpful in trying to go fast on race day?
2.  Is there that much improvement with any of these over say the GR2 since the GR2 is already so light?  Or does the firmer forefoot really give back some energy that a cushier forefoot does not?
3.  I'm really happy in the Skechers models that I mentioned above so my guess is that I could run in any of the ones listed above with little problem.  Does anyone have any concerns / comments about running in a racing flat as opposed to what I have been training in?

While my shoe fetish is burning a hole in my pocket, I don't want to drop money on a shoe that I'm not going to actually use.  Of course, if I order from runningwarehouse or roadrunnersports, I can always send it back after trying it on.

(Just give me permission to buy another shoe is really all that I am asking!)  :-)  Thanks.


  • The only way to really get an answer to your questions is to try the shoes. I've tried certain shoes based on reviews and found my experience to be different than the reviewers. 
  • Get a pair of A5’s on clearance if you want to try try a great flat for low cost. I personally love running in flats, not sure if it makes an actual difference as far as performance goes, but they make me feel faster :) for speed a firm forefoot and low profile is my preference, and I always view mixing things up with shoes as a positive thing.
  • Michael, Pete, thanks for your answers and you're right.  I'm never going to know until I try.  I picked up a pair of A5's from runningwarehouse and with the runblogger coupon code, I got them at 46% off of original list price.  Thanks for the feedback.
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    I always thought that racing flats were a kind of invention by marketing experts. Now that I have tried some I have changed my mind.

    They really make a difference, or at least the NB 1600rc that I use. The stiffer sole may give you an extra impulse; besides this kind of shoe usually has a great traction, which I believe to help in performance.

    It is hard to say (how would you measure it?) but I would say a good racing flat (not anyone) might make you a little faster.
  • Got in my A5's.  When I ordered them from runningwarehouse, shoefitr said to order my normal size.  They were way too small!  I am sending them back today and ordering a 1/2 size up.  I had even contemplated ordering a whole size up but I don't want to go too far.  Here's hoping that 1/2 size up does it.  Will report back in a week or so.

  • Good luck with the A5's.  As Pete noted, they are terrific shoes and I ran a number of successful shorter races in them last year.  My favorite racing shoe, however, is the GoRun Speed (aka GoMeb).  I found it to be very responsive and just enough extra cushioning to work great for me for the half marathon distance.  I ran my fastest 5k, fastest10k and my 3 fastest half marathons last year in the GoMeb's.  Have fun!
  • Half size up in the A5 was perfect for me.

    GoMeb is a sollid shoe as well. A bit thicker and firmer in the sole than I'd like, but I just ran in a proto of the v3 and I'm in love :)
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