Need new shoes...what to get, what to get?

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I am in need of a new pair of running shoes and as usual am spending way too much time analyzing which I should go for. My go-to running shoes for the past 2 years have been Kinvara's, though I've been using my Mirage every now and then largely because I've been feeling as though I may need a bit more cushion.  That very well may be because of the 300+ miles I have on my current Kinvara pair.  I typically run about 15-20 miles per week on average and my longest distance runs have been half-marathons.  However, I am thinking of attempting a full marathon next year.

I am wondering whether just a new pair of my tried and true would be the thing to go for, or should I try something with more support/cushion as I am planning on increasing mileage and have been feeling some achy feet and sore ankles. I've been looking at the Cortana but am wondering what other models might give me the Kinvara feel with the added support

I'd appreciate any and all suggestions!.


  • I don't think you need anymore cushion than the Kinvara has to offer. You might look for similar shoes but with a wider toe box. Perhaps Skechers and or Pearle izumis.
  • I'd stick with the Kinvara or Mirage if it works for you. Just increase your mileage slowly (10-20%) per week and you shouldn't have much of a problem. At 300+ miles, your Kinvaras might be worn out, which could explain the soreness.
  • 300 miles is a lot for a Kinvara, definitely might be time for a new pair. I'd stick with what works and if you feel you need more as you ramp up mileage then address it then.
  • I just got a pair of the NB980 Fresh Foam, and they sound right up your ally.  The cushion is great, they are light enough to not feel clunky, and there is adequate support for a marathon through foam geometry instead of a medial shank or higher density wedge.  They are a 4mm drop like your Kinvara, so no surprises there.
  • I am increasing from half marathons to full this year and I have been running in Brooks Pure Flows so now I am trying some of the newer cushioned options.  Actually very happy with Skechers GoRun Ultra's so far -- very light and nice cushioning with 8mm drop.  I just got the New Balance Fresh Foam 980 that Sam refers to and they are nice too with a 4mm drop. Each are very lightweight (~ 8.5oz) and the 980s don't provide as soft a landing as the Skechers. I tried the Brooks Transcend but it's a bit heavier and more structured and I really don't want to go in that direction. Good Luck! 
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