Go Run Speed 2 vs. Go Run 2

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I am currently running in the Go Run 2, and I've been toying with the idea of buying the Go Run Speed 2.  While I really like the GR2, I'm just curious what your thoughts were about the Speeds (for those of you who have tried them).  Again, I'm not unhappy with the GR2s.  More than anything, I'm just curious how they compare.  Thanks.


  • I'm curious.
  • The speeds are really, really fun for fast days and for races. They feel pretty stiff standing still, but I find them to be really easy to run quickly in. My perception of effort required for speed is that they are really efficient (for me). Best of all, they just kind of disappear on my feet. I like them a lot. 
  • Meh, just get a pair of Saucony A6s.
  • What'd you use the A6's for?
  • Well, actually I have the A5, but they've been replaced by the A6, which I'm assuming is just as good if not better based on reviews. I have the GoSpeeds also, and I think the Sauconys are better. I haven't raced in the A5, but all of my runs in them feel great. I don't know what it is, but I've never warmed up to Skechers. I've tried.

  • Training or just speed?
  • I prefer the A5, less stack, more flexible, better fit on me. The Speed 3 is different though, have a proto and think I'm going to like it a lot more. Feels a toad softer and more flexible.
  • I haven't done any real speed work-the nearby track has been covered in snow for a while. I mean, I have had training runs for 7 miles in the the 7:20 range or something like that. The shoes feel good. I got some weird pain in the GoSpeed 2 that spooked me. Wore them in a 5K and felt like crap, and got that pain again. But hey, Caleb Masland (badass trainer extraordinaire) certainly has success in them.
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