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I currently run in Newton Gravitys and as much as I love the shoes ( I am probably getting another pair for the road) I don't think the lugs work for trail shoes, the trails I run are mostly packed dirt with some gravel but it looks like every single pebble I go over gets stuck between the lugs which I find very annoying.
I tried a pair of Mizuno Ferrus but I don't think they are enough shoe for me, i tried the pure grit but I found them very narrow in the mid-foot. I am looking into Mix Master Tuff, Lasportiva Helios, Montrail Fluidflex, what do you recommend for a forefoot striker, warm weather, hard packed trails with a similar feeling to the Gravity?
Thank you for your time.


  • Altra Superior or Lone Peak?
  • Skechers GObionic Trail shoe is awesome. Yep....Skechers.
  • I was wondering if going to 0 drop from Newtons maybe too much. I have the inov8 f-lite 195 ann can only run one or two mile at a time, but I assume the Altras would be a lot more cushioned?
  • Nike Terra Kiger
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    I now have a pair of Nike Terra Kiger and find the grip pretty good, but for my tastes too much cushioning - I do the bulk of my training in F-Lite 232's so have a preference for less cushioning, even doing a 40 mile ultra in them.

    The Kiger upper is lovely to wear sockless but way to flexible to actually hold you foot properly when contouring or hit a stone that rolls the foot.  The combination of the flimsy upper and soft cushioning lead to a shoe that is unstable and doesn't handle serious trails, I find it over stresses my lower leg just trying to stop going over my ankle.  

    The Kiger upper also absorbs water like a sponge and if you are sockless starts to feel uncomfortable, so I'd expect hot spots and blisters to appear.

    If you like lots of cushioning, run on dry, well groomed trails then the Kiger will be a perfectly good shoe.  The shoe runs small, I went for half a size larger than my F-Lite's but still find them a bit cramped around the toes so have to wear them sockless.  I would recommend going a full size up.

    If you ever go off trail or run on technical trails then you'll need something with a more secure upper and less cushioning to keep the stack heights down and your foot plant stable.

  • Robert, my recommendation was based on the original post.  Had Dani posted a different set of requirements, I would have recommended a different shoe (assuming I was familiar with one I thought would fit his/her needs).  The Kigers are indeed a nicely cushioned shoe, which I also find to be true of Gravitys.  They are terrific on packed dirt and gravel trails, which were specified in the OP.   For better or worse, I've never fully immersed them in water so I can't speak to their performance under those circumstances, but have never had a problem with them in light rain.  Regarding sizing, I went up a half size and find them to be a great fit with plenty of room in the toe box.

    Although I'm typically not a Nike fan and hadn't owned a pair of their shoes in close to ten years, I happen to like this model, particularly for the type of running described in the OP.
  • Have you considered the Newton BoCo AT? It's a 5 lug Newton shoe, not sure about the rocks getting stuck in the lugs, but different lug design than the Gravity (which will be moving to 5 lugs this year. Another to consider would be the Merrell AllOut Rush. Super roomy toebox, pretty firm and harsh on roads, but solid on soft surfaces (it's either road or snow for me right now...).
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