4mm drop to zero drop - big difference?

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I have been toying with trying some zero drop shoes, namely Altra's. People I know have been wearing and raving about them. I'm currently in MT110's, Go Run2's, and Pure Connects, all of which have the 4mm drop (I think, maybe the Brooks is more). 
How will my feet do in the zero drop? Is it enough to be running comfortably in the 4mm drop to make the last drop? (at least for one pair in the rotation?)
4mm has been good to me so far. not really looking to minimize more, just mix it up a bit.


  • I switch from 6 to 4 to 0 without being much aware of the difference. Cushioning, fit and stiffness seem to be more vital factors to me.
  • That last 4mm is huge. Don't just buy a zero drop shoe and go run 5 miles. I had my shoe store and a good doctor who is quite the athlete say go easy! That last 4mm is a bit deal. I really like zero drop shoes now but I had to adapt slower than from 12mm to 4mm.
  • Yep - what SteveL said.  I've been doing all my running in 4mm drop for about 2+ years, and then bought a pair of 0 drop shoes (Brooks Pure Drift without the liner).  I ran a two days and then (stupidly) ran a half marathon in them.  Race went well, but my calves were, let's say, VERY displeased with me.  Liking 0 drop now, but take it much easier than you think you need to.
  • I was in a similar frame of mind a couple of years ago - had been running in Brooks Pure Grit v1 (4mm drop) for 500+ miles with no troubles - figured I was ready for zero drop. Got a pair of Pure Drifts when they first came out and ran three miles the first day I had them - got very sore calves, my legs weren't conditioned enough. Exchanged them for Pure Connect v1 and had no issues. After nearly 300 miles in the connects, I went back to the Drifts, just to see. No issues at all. Can't say I love the Drifts but the calf pain never happened like it did the first time around. I attribute it to the Connects plus some calf strengthening exercises I did in the interim--raising up off the ball of my foot and basically standing in a tiptoe position for 20-30 seconds, repeat on the other foot.

    Haven't run in any other zero drops and honestly, I'm running in the Drifts with the sockliner so it's a 4mm. But if you're doing okay in the Connects, you might have a better time the second go round.
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