longer distance trail shoe



  • I can't speak to the comparison (Montrail Fluidflex vs. MT110) but I can provide my experience with the Fluidflex.  

    They are not "stiff" at all (you can fold them/twist them).  I've used them on both road and trails (simple to roots/rocks but nothing extremely advanced) and have also used in both dry and muddy trail conditions.  I decided to use them for my winter road runs w/snow and cold conditions. 
  • I get the impression that the Fluidflex (the name should help make it obvious) that the Fluidflex is more flexible than what I want. I've gone ahead and ordered a pair of MT1010V2, and will give my opinion when I get a chance to run in them.
  • First run in my new MT1010v2:
    Definitely a more substantial shoe than my favourite MT110. Feels like more than an ounce difference, yet seems to have less cushion. These would certainly be more protective on a technical trail. I was annoyed by the arch bump, but this effect may lessen as I break them in.

    My Mt110s would still be my choice for my usual <15km non-technical trail runs and races - they make me feel springy and fast(an illusion, but a pleasant one). 

    As spring progresses I'll be trying the MT1010v2 on longer runs and seeing if they can be useful for my purposes.
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