Broken bursa sac

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So a friend of mine has a broken bursa sac (the little sac with fluids on top on your knees), his doctor told him his running days are over.
I've been trying to find information about a broken bursa sac on the next and what options are possible for my friend, but all I can find is about inflammated ones. He is beyond that stage.

Does any of you have experience with this or know what options are still possible for him, so at least he could do a little running?


  • Short of Googling, can't help with that unfortunately.
  • To be honest, I've never heard of a bursa rupturing before. Is it the front of the knee or behind the knee? You got me interested, however, and I had a bit of a look in the medical literature between patients. It seems to be a very rare occurrence - there are only one or two case studies that I could find, and all concerning individuals with significant co-morbidities (significant osteoarthritic or rheumatological changes).  Who diagnosed your friend? A GP or specialist?

    All I can really advise is - get a second opinion with a sports physician. 

  • Sorry for the late respons, live has been busy.

    My friend is in the military and it was a military doctor who diagnosed him.
    Also it is work related in his case, because of a lot of kneeling and bumping his knee during work.
    Also it is the front of the knee.
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