Merrell Bare Access alternative for marathon training?

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I love my BA's and have run in all 3 generations of them. My longest run has been a half marathon with BAs. I'm going to be training for a marathon soon, and I'm not sure if it'll be enough shoe for the really long runs. Although I haven't had issues with the BAs so far up to 13.1. I love the light feeling of the shoes and the zero drop. Any suggestions for a similar ride but with more support or cushioning? Doesn't necessarily have to be zero drop, but I'd prefer to keep it at 8 or under.


  • You might try Altra The One.
  • I tried The One, but went back to my BA3 - I found the Altra's just too wide overall, plus the flimsy tongue didn't allow me to tighten up the laces much without pinching the top of my foot. The wide forefoot was great, but my midfoot and heel were just sloshing around a bit. Also, I didn't find them to be that much more cushy than my BA3. One of the other Altra models might work, like the Insight 1.5.

    Also, check out this recent forum question which is pretty similar, focused on zero to low-drop marathon shoes.
  • Thanks I'll check that forum post out. 

    The Saucony Fastwitch looks like it may fit the bill as well.
  • Fastwitch would do the trick I think.
  • I'm gonna try out the Fastwitch and see how they are. On paper, they seem like a perfect fit for what I'm looking for.

  • Tried out the Fastwitch and it looks like it fits the bill perfectly!
  • Great, glad it worked out!
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