Any suggestions for keeping my feet still in Skechers GoRun Ultra?

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I bought these shoes and I've put about 50 miles in them so far and I like almost everything about them. My feet feel better at the end of long runs and they're one of my lightest shoes despite being so big. My problem is that on technical trails, my feet slip inside the shoes. The soles grip the ground just fine, but my foot has a tendency to slip inside the shoe, especially when the foot tilts to the outside on uneven ground. Are the insoles in these just more slippery than normal? Is there a good way to keep my feet in place better? This isn't a problem at all on groomed trails, but I'll be doing the Cheaha 50k soon and those are often far from groomed.


  • Is this a new problem for you? I.e., have you had foot slippage in other shoes on equally technical trails (and over the same distance)? If you're ramping up in distance, might just be that the lacing of the shoes loosens a bit over long distances, thus contributing to foot slippage. Of course, if this is early your runs, that's not the problem.

    Sorry, no specific experience with the Ultras. One other thing to consider to keep your foot secured would be lacing. Obviously, heel lock lacing is helpful (which I imagine you're familiar with), but I also put another "heel lock" about midway up my shoes, over the midfoot to keep them in place. Which I guess would make it a "midfoot lock", but it's the same lacing style as the heel lock. Works really well for my narrow feet.
  • I had exactly this problem with my Altra Lone Peak 1.5s. I have a narrow foot to start with, so I tried elastic Locklaces (I think Nathan sells them now), along with the heel lock. That made a difference, but on rocky, technical trails I still could detect some movement withinin the shoe.

    So, I then bought a can of Plastidip paint. This is a rubbery, grippy paint that is designed to coat the handles of tools- you can buy it in most hardware shops. I dabbed some of the paint along the inside of my shoes (around the heel, on the liner under the heel, and some near the arch). That sorted it completely, no movement at all. Go easy with the paint, though, as I bet if you use too much you could make the shoe difficult to get on, and also it might interfere with sweat evaporation. Just a few dabs should be enough. You can also add a couple of dabs to your socks.
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