PureDrift done?

edited January 2014 in Brooks
I see that the PureDrifts are getting price-cut all over the place and that the Grit3 are soon to roll out (the 2 came out in the same cycle as the Drift) but there doesn't seem to be anything happening with an update/fix on the Drift. I tried tweeting Brooks but didn't get any response. If they are removing the shoe from the line, it would be a real shame (and I'll share why if confirmed). 


  • i wear tested a drift version about a year ago that had a different upper but what looked to be the same outsole as the original. no clue whether they scrapped it or not.
  • No idea. I would not be surprised if they got axed, but it would be a shame as it's another shoe, like the Mizuno Cursoris, that could be great with some tweaking.
  • Yeah, I wear tested them, too. Loved them and would have paid for a pair, though the medial footbed blistering was similar to the original (sizing up may have solved it). Real shame if that's the end of that shoe. Just can't get into the height and ride of the Connect. 
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