Skechers GObionic Trail Shoe

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Just had my first run in these shoes.  It was a 7.5 mile single track trail run.  I really like these shoes and their Skechers!  :)  Ground feel isn't quite as good as in the Merrell MixMaster 2 as I'm sure that's because the Skechers has a bit more cushion.  They did really well in the mud and on wet roots and rocks.  The toe box is nice and wide!  My piggies felt as if they were being pastured raised, nice and roomy.


  • Glad to hear it! I love the toebox on that shoe, only issue for me is they don't have great durability on roads, but then that's not their intended surface :)
  • For me durability was an issue as my pair split on both shoes where the sole meets the upper. That's after 152 miles mostly off road and mostly in the mud (we're having a very wet winter). The tops aren't particularly rugged as they were looking a little tired despite having only done 23 runs.

    It's a shame as they were great to run in, they worked well in the mud and the sole had no sign of wear. I was fortunate to get a refund. It doesn't look like they are currently available in the UK which is a shame as I was going to chance another pair. 
  • John hopefully that won't happen to my pair but what are you going to run in now?

  • Runblogger: Just need to add I would NEVER had considered Skechers except for your blogging about them.  Thanks!
  • I'm not sure on a replacement yet. The difficulty I have is finding a shoe that's good in the mud but in't so knobbly that it's useless on road/harder tails. Summer I use NB MT110s (on my 3rd pair) but these are poor in the mud. I had some Saucony Peregrines last winter which coped the mud but the upper on them gave in at 300 miles. I think the mud is a factor in the life span of uppers,

    I tend to look for bargains when I buy (so I can have more pairs!), with this in mind I have my eye on some Saucony Kinvara TRs which fit my budget, I'm just a bit uncertain how they'll cope with mud.

    The "I would NEVER have considered if it wasn't for Runblogger" would be a good option to add to the annual survey. 6 of my last 7 pairs of shoes were purchased with reviews in Runblogger a major influencing factor.

  • Thanks guys! On the Kinvara TR, be aware that it's a very narrow shoe.
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    Thanks Peter, I tried a pair on today and as you say very narrow (and the tread is near being a road shoe), A weekend of shoe hunting is in order.

  • I asked Skechers UK about the availability of GBTs over here and this was part of the response I got:

    Thank you for contacting Skechers regarding our GObionic trail shoes. Unfortunately these are no longer available through our UK website. We have sold out and the style has been discontinued from our product line.

    Looking at the American Skechers site they actually have two versions as they've now added an "All Weather" variety and still have the original. Anyone any idea what the "All Weather" adds?

  • It's a waterproof outer membrane. I didn't get it because one of the places I trail run can have a lot of mud and water. That made me think that if water did get in the shoe would it be able to drain very well?
  • I have the all weather version. Nice upper, but have not submerged it yet to test drainage.
  • I've been really impressed with how Skechers has come along over the past few years. The couple pairs I have tried have been really great rides, just not the best durability. Would be curious to see how they hold up on the trail and how much ground sense you can get. I imagine them to be similar to Pearl Izumi's new line, which I'm a pretty big fan of. 
  • I continue to be impressed by what Skechers has done. They have an amazing team designing the Go line and has been a blast working with them. Just ran in a prototype of the GoRun 4 and was blown away.
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