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Hi guys, looking for some advice.  I've been in Newtons for 4 or so years.  Currently rotating the Motion and Energy but have also used the Gravity and Sir Isaac in the past.  Overall I like them and have run some great times yet I also spend a lot of time injured and I strive to figure out how I can train consistently.  The Newtons may well have nothing to do with the injuries (and perhaps I'd be worse off without them) but I am eager to see what else is around.

I do have the Brooks Pure Flow 2 but not a great fan.  I think the cushoining is too soft which is part of the difficulty of moving away from Newton's.  The cushioning feel really is quite unique.  I tried Kinvara 1 years ago and seem to recall quite liking them but on gait analysis I was told that they were inducing a little extra over pronation.  i think this was due to the wide lateral forefoot and non supportive upper.  I'm normally pretty neutral.  So I stopped using them.  I also have some Merrel bare access which I do short runs in occasionally.  I feel these are too harsh and not enough shoe for me so looking for something more than that.

So any suggestions?  Anyone moved on from Newton's and found a valid alternative?  I am considering the fastwich 6 which I can try on at a local shop or the gorun 3 but I would have to mail order that.  Not sure how the cushioning compares on those.  I want them for marathon training and will rotate with Newtons initially but I need to be comfortable up to 20 miles in them at pace around 7:45 for long runs.  

Thanks for any advice!


  • Al, coincidentally, I've worn some of the same shoes as you and have had some of the same experiences.  For example, I've worn and liked both the Motions and Energys quite a bit, although I didn't have the injury problems you've had.  I also have Bare Access 2s, which I use occasionally for short runs because they're not enough shoe for me.  Finally, like you, my impression of Pure Flows is that they're they're nice shoes, but unfortunately too soft.

    Most recently, I decided to try some Pure Connect 3s, assuming they would essentially be less cushioned Pure Flows.  That turns out to be accurate from my perspective, so that's an option you might consider.
  • BTW, I would be shocked if GoRuns fit the bill for you.  From a cushioning standpoint, they're much more akin to the Bare Access than Newtons.

    Although I've always been curious about Fastwitches, I've never tried them.  One bit of Saucony experience I can share, though, is that if you don't mind the narrow toe box, Virratas are worth considering.  If they had a wider toe box, they would be my shoe of choice, but they have a plastic toe bumper that destroys my toes, even wearing a full size larger than normal.
  • thanks for the reply.  interesting that you say the goRun is firm as I had the impression it was probably soft like the pure flow, not sure why.  When I got the pure flow I tried the connect 2 and wasn't overly impressed but I believe they've changed it somewhat for the 3 so had wondered about trying it but still a bit put off the idea by the flow.

    Have you run in the kinvara?  I can't for the life of me remember how the cushioning felt but something in me keeps coming back to wanting to give them a try again.  The other one I wondered about was the Cortana?  Too many choices and too expensive if you make the wrong choice!  
  • Sorry - I've never tried Kinvaras.  Many others on this forum have, though, so hopefully one of them can chime in and compare them to Newtons for you.

    Best of luck with both the shoes and your training!
  • Kinvara is worth a shot if you can find v3 at discount, I did not like the fit of the v4, way too tight up front. I personally don't worry too much about pronation unless you are susceptible to injuries that it might contribue to. I find the GoRun to be rather soft. The Fastwitch is an interesting shoe - firm and light and 4mm drop, pretty wide toebox by Saucony standards. I did a few 15+ mile runs in them last Spring and almost chose them for my Spring marathon. Firmer than the Kinvara, and I like it for running more than the Bare Access.
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