Private Facebook Group?

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I noticed you started a private facebook group to discuss running injuries, gait, etc. I'm wondering about the purpose of this. It seems a little redundant, because I thought that's what is happening on your facebook page, this blog, and this forum. Is it going to turn into a kind of exclusionary thing? The reason I ask is because it seems my IP address or whatever has been blocked by MissZippy, I guess it's because she didn't like what I had to say to her recently. I certainly haven't been rude to her, and it seems pretty childish to block me. People are really weird sometimes.

BTW, here's a link to my silly little running blog:


  • The FB group is intended for clinical gait discussion (it's my day job). Private because sometimes there may be instances where discussing a patient/client (even without names). I'm not exclusive in who joins, but didn't want a group like that publicly open. Some people only discuss on FB, others prefer forums, so having options is helpful. I'm part of a number of FB groups that others have started and have found them useful.
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