Is it possible to fix external tibial rotation?

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BonhommeDeNeige [Snowman] is having a lot of trouble posting here.  So I am going to post his question for him. :)

Snowman writes:

Is it possible to fix external tibial rotation without surgery? I have this and it's very annoying. My right foot over-pronate very much and this give me a very bad posture. I also find it hard to stay on my legs for a long time. There is many sport that I can't do without discomfort like skiing or roller. I started to walk barefoot 2 or 3 years ago. Now I'm able to walk without pain or discomfort but I continue to have discomfort when I'm running skiing, etc. This condition make my knee rotating inward. I started to see a physical therapist who gave me some exercise to do for my ankle (it can't go inward) but now he is considering to put my feet in orthotics. I tried it many years ago and it only made thing worst, but I was wearing shoes that was not large enough for me (I just discovered that I wear 2 size larger 3 years ago) and with cushioning (not minimalist at all). Is this condition a case for orthotics? Maybe it will be ok with minimalist shoes...


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    I am not a medical professional and know next to nothing about your condition, but I don't think minimalist shoes are a "cure" for very many problems.  The notion that you can step into them and make everything better is misguided in my opionion.   Orthotics aren't necessarily a bad thing if used properly and the prescription is reduced over time. 

    You may want to check out The Gait Guys (  Their blog and podcasts are targeted a little more towards practitioners so it's a little technical at times.  If you happen to be in the Chicago or Denver areas, they have offices there. 

    Good luck!
  • Snowman responds on RunnersWorld forum:

    Yea, I saw it, but I can't give any answer, it always say "Body is required"... And my name on the forum is Barefoot123

  • Issues like this are really tough to give advice on without being able to see the issue in person. I'd suggest if you don't feel the PT has been helpful to get a second opinion from another therapist.
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