Have you ever added eyelets to your shoes?

Just throwing this out there because I'm curious.

I love everything about my Skora Phases except for one thing: the fit is just too high a volume over my midfoot (not on either side, oddly).  I think at least part of this is because I can't get the laces cinched down nearly as much as I want to because Skora used what must be the daintiest loop system I've ever seen.  My thought would be to add eyelets as shown below (look for the red dots):


Have any of you ever done this to your shoes before?


  • Have not tried this, but if the alternative is not wearing them then why not try?
  • Well, I did stick some moleskin in the top of one of them that's kind of helped.  They've got almost 120mi on them, and I'm worried any day now I'm going to snap those loops.  I'm wondering if I can have a set of "rivet" style eyelets put in.
    Socks are a scam. Just saying :-)
  • You need a cobbler :)
  • Mmmmn... I love cobbler.  Peach, I think, is my favorite.  Blueberry a close second.  :-)
  • You can buy a cheap eyelet set from Amazon that will work for a handful of uses (they tend to be too cheap to hold up for long term use)

  • I agree, Peter.  I need someone to make shoes sized to fit for me.  I'm too neurotic to ever be 100% happy with out of the box fit for most shoes I've ever tried on.
    Socks are a scam. Just saying :-)
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