Need some help with shoes!

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Hey there!

For some time i have been running in a pair of New balance mt10, because i wanted to try out a minimalist shoe. I like the shoes, but my feet can only endure around 6k+ runs in them before they start to hurt abit. I will continue to run in them to build up more strenght in my feet, but i would also like a pair of shoes i can run longer distances in.

So i am looking for a pair of shoes that will mostly be used on the road, with some cushioning.In my NB mt10 theres a 4mm heel to toe drop, and i would like that aswell in the other pair of shoes. I would like them to be as light and flexible as possible.

Hope some of you got some advice for a novice.



  • For a 4mm drop road shoe with some cushion you might look at the Newton Energy, Saucony Kinvara (only if you have a narrowish foot), Skechers GoRun 3, Nike Free 3.0, or Brooks Cadence/Flow. Do you prefer a firmer or softer feel?

  • Thanks for replying!

    I would prefer something that isnt like running with pillows on my feet, and have some ground feel. But still being able to run atleast 10k+ without my feet getting sore.

    Not sure if its helps you anything, but here are some info on me: 21years old, 178cm, 75kg.
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    I'd second Pete's Skechers take.  I've got the Go Run 2s, and just got the 3s, but haven't run in them yet.  I preferred them to the Pure Flows, which I also have.  They seem to ride easier for me - smoother, maybe?

    I'm a bit bigger than you, though - 188 cm and 88 kg (being in the U.S., I'll admit to having to use a converter to go form lbs. and feet to metric).
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    I can recommend any Altra shoe like The One or Instinct or Torin, from least to most cushioning. If you are like me you will never run in anything else once you get used to the super comfy toe box. And the shoes are light. I have run up to 22k with the One. They are zero drop so it may take getting used to. Then again we are different feet wise. Just my personal take and I have a buddy who feels the same ;-)
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    Since you're running in the Mt10, I'm assuming that you're looking for a trail shoe.
    I have limited experience, but after hurting my feet trail racing in Vibram Komodos, I've switched to New Balance MT110s and have been loving them ever since. Light, lively and protective enough for my delicate feet.
    Additionally, they seem to be available at a discount everywhere.

  • Stick with the Skechers or the Altra's.  Have used and loved all of their shoes.  Have migrated from the 4mm Skechers to the zero drop Altra's.  For me the go to shoe is the Altra Instinct.  The One changed lasts to more of a curved last - still has big toe box but some "hugging" in the arch area.  Best of Luck!  
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