Hot spots on ball of foot

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I am a natural forefoot striker, running for over 4 years, and I find that when I run in shoes in the summer with a wider toe box, I get very painful host spots on the balls of my feet. To reduce the pain I lace the shoes insanely tight, I apply body glide, but if I try to do long distances I will experience a lot of pain. Basically, I wanted to know if other people had the same experiences? Should I go down a 1/2 size in my shoes with a wide toe box? I buy shoes leaving a thumbnail width (max) between the toes and the tip of the shoe. I have experienced this issue in the Pure Flows, Mix Master Moves, Road Glove 2. 


  • Where exactly are the hot spots, behind the big toe? Doesn't happen in narrower shoes? Have you tried a double layered sock like Wrightsocks?

  • The hot spots are not on the toes, but mainly on the callus behind the second toe. I've tried double layer socks and it was still present. The narrower shoe that doesn't give me hot spots under my feet is the Kinvara 4, but that shoe is too narrow. 
    Do most people give a thumbnail width between their big toe and the tip of the shoe? 
  • I've dumped Wrightsocks because they seem to actually promote blisters under certain circumstances. Once was because of a poor lacing job which didn't seem an issue with other sock vendors, and I lost about 3 in^2 of pad off the bottom of my foot (and the gap took two weeks to heal). The final issue seemed to be because the layers can bunch up invisibly. YMMV
  • Do you have a Morton's toe:'s_toe? That can lead to callusing in the region behind the second toe since the second met head does more of the work in the propulsive phase of the running gait.

    "The main symptom experienced due to Morton's toe is discomfort and callusing of the ball of the foot at the base of the second toe. This is because the first metatarsal head would normally bear the majority of a person's body weight during the propulsive phases of gait, but because the second metatarsal head is further forward, the force is transferred there."
  • I have been experiencing this for the last week because I got fitted for the first time in a 2E width instead of D. My foot really felt like it was swimming in the shoe at first, but then i said what the heck, and ran 3 miles with the same burning that you are describing. I felt that my right foot was really moving around too much, and I applied blister pads to the insole of my shoe. Still the burning sensation on the next run, and also noticed some tenderness in the spot after running, So i tied and laced the shoe much tighter to reduce friction. It did not work. Luckily the website where I bought them has a nice return policy and will let you return used shoes. Long story short, I switched back to the normal D width that I have been running in for my whole life and the pain and burning is gone. I would say maybe look for some shoes with a narrower toe box.
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