Alternative to NB 730v1

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NB 730v1 is a favorite shoe of mine.  Its wide toebox and light weight are great, but I wish it had just a tad more cushioning.  (I haven't tried the version 2.)

Other shoes in my rotation are Mizuno Cursoris and Saucony Kinvara 3.  Both are ok but not as good, for me, as the 730s.

Does anyone have any recommendations for something similar to the NB 730v1 but with a slightly softer ride?  Thanks.


  • In the same price range?
  • 730 is relatively inexpensive, but I'll take recommendations in any price range.  Thanks.
  • Other than giving the W730v2 a try, did you try out the WR10v2?
  • I have not tried the WR10v2.  But it is one I have considered.  Do you know if it has a softer ride than the 730?
  • I haven't tried it, but I'm sure someone can chime in here.  I know someone did a review of the MR10v2.  It's here.

  • I run a lot in the R10v2's, but unfortunately I can't compare it to the 730's as I have never tried them (they are virtually non-existent in Europe), but I would be surprised if the 10v2's were to offer softer cushioning than the 730's. Actually, aren't the 730's the "cheaper" version of the 10's, with similar structure but perhaps less refined materials?

    The R10v2 is a very nice shoe which you could try out regardless, but I think you would benefit from something like the 1010's (road version) instead, which I believe have more stack height and can take hours of pounding out on the street.

    Otherwise, let's hope that Pete jumps in here with his superior shoe knowledge!
  • I'd say the MR/WR 10v2 are pretty similar in terms of cushioning to the 730. Both pretty firm. The Cursoris would have been my first suggestion for a softer shoe with similar fit. The Inov-8 Road-X Lite 155 is a similar shoe, not much softer, but a wide forefoot and close-to-ground ride. Altra Torin is a bit higher off the ground but soft with a wide forefoot.
  • Thanks, belatedly, for the responses.
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