Merrell Bare Access 2 vs. Roadglove 2

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I have been
running in minimal shoes the last year and runs about 40 miles a week. My
favourite shoes are Brooks Pure Flow and Skechers Go Runs (+ GR Ride) but I’m thinking about
going even more minimal after doing some training runs in the Saucony Hattori. 
I can feel that my form is great in those shoes, but there’s some things about
the Hattori, that I don’t like, so I want to try another 0-drop shoe.

reading a lot of good things about the Merrell Bare Access 2 and Road Glove 2 but
can’t decide which one to pick..

Don’t want
a overly cushioned shoe (that’s bad for my running form), but then again maybe I
need some underfoot protection for the long runs and marathons + ultras I plan
to run in my zero-drop shoes.

All my
running will be on asphalt.

So should I
go for the Bare Access or Road Glove? 
A real dilemma :)



  • I was just looking for a thread about the Bare Access 2 - I just ordered a pair for me from for $40 US.  I love these shoes - at least as much for casual wear as I love them for running.  Thinking about getting another pair to stockpile.  

    Haven't run in the Road Glove, but the Bare Access is a great shoe, and $40 is a steal.
  • I loved my BA2's, but I had two problems with them (and only two):

    1.) I had some durability problems.  Had to send back one set when the upper frayed and/or separated from the midsole right near the ball of my left foot.
    2.) Apparently, my feet widened a bit as I wore the shoes because by the end, I was nearly busting out the upper.

    Check out my thread on them here.
  • Great review Bryan - you should make your own blog ;-) 

    My biggest concern is, that the BA2 got too much cushioning, as I tend to land a bit harder, when there's much cushioning in a shoe.
    On the other side there could be too little cushioning in the Road Glove 2 so thats kind of my dilemma.

  • The BA2 is pretty firm, so not much worry there.
  • I have not run in version 2 of either shoe, but have a lot of miles in the original Road Glove and original Bare Access.  The original Road Glove is my all-time favorite shoe.  I stopped running in the BA1 and only wear them for casual wear.  The Road Glove is much more flexible than the BA, which I preferred.  When I want more cushioning but still want zero-drop, I go with the Altra One.  

  • The BA 2 is firm as Bryan said, definitely not a squishy shoe. Altra The One would be another to consider for zerod drop with a bit of cushion. Road Glove is more minimal for sure, kind of slots in between the Bare Access and Vapor Glove.
  • Is there a way to add a "like" to comments that get made?
  • @steveL - yes, should be a Like link to the right of the person's name above their comment. I just liked Brian's comment above.
  • I'm still regretting that The One didn't work out for me.
  • I haven't tried the Bare Access yet, but I do most of my running in the Road Glove 2 - everything short of very slippery or technical trails. It's a very firm ride and the durability of these shoes are almost too good - you won't have to buy another shoe for a while :(
  • I have two pair of the original Road Glove and it is the best shoe I have ever worn.  RG2 is a good shoe but does not seem to have the same quality of the original.  At first I thought the RG was too minimal to run long distances but  i just ran a half marathon in them and am training for a full marathon in April.
  • Thx for all your feedback :) I ended up buying the Road Glove 2 and can't wait to test it! 
    If it's too minimal, I will just use it to train technice on my short runs (and maybe buy a pair of Bare Access for the longer runs ;-) ), but my goal is to make it my marathon shoe. 

    I'm kind of inspired by Petes book and the more minimal a shoe I wear the more lightly I tread 
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