Anyone Tried the Road-X Xtreme 138?



  • @DaveC - not sure if you've bought something yet, but the Grid Type A5 is on clearance at Running Warehouse right now.
  • Thanks, Pete! I ordered pairs of the A5 and Virrata last week and both are fantastic! Ran 11 in the A5s last night and was really pleased with them despite the 4mm drop (I think I had just gotten REALLY used to zero drop). The Virratas worked really well for me, too, and I did both long and speed workouts in them. I think I'll prefer the A5 for speed, Virrata for distance. I honestly haven't felt that good on runs in some time. I've definitely swung back from the ultra-minimalist side, but I think I'll be very happy with what I have.

    Thanks again for the help!
  • @Runblogger - would you be comfy with easy miles in the A5?
    Socks are a scam. Just saying :-)
  • Bryan, while I'm not Pete, I did 4.5 easy this morning in the A5s and it was fine, but I know I would've preferred the softer feel of the Virratas.
  • I'd do anything with the A5 just about. Maybe not a marathon, but just about anything else.

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    Just as an aside, I saw the Virratas at Marshall's last night for $40 (along with Evo Cursoris for $23 and Mizuno Be for $20). Nearly all Saucony shoes are too narrow for my flippers, but might be of interest to others...
  • They also had the Merrell Road Glove 2 at my Marshall's yesterday, along with the super cheap Virratas!
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