Anyone Tried the Road-X Xtreme 138?

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Kind of had my eyes on these since they're pretty cool looking and oh so light.  Have to figure now that I'm running in Skoras that the thin sole isn't really that big of a deal.


  • I just ordered a pair of 178s from The Clymb last week, these were available as well but may be gone by now. Haven't tried either yet.
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    I've had my eyes on them too but still have not seen enough of a price drop to validate a purchase (yes, I am rather short on cash these days). I am still to make up my mind as to whether I will look like a clown (more than usual that is) or if I will look like a much faster runner than I can live up to! Anyho, where I usually run there are mostly horses and cows watching me from the side of the road so it doesn't matter :)

    As an alternative to these I've been drooling over the NB Hi-Rez, but with NB's usual quality concerns they seem to be rather short lived...

    Peter, can we expect a review of the 178s later, or are they just for fun? Another Runner seems to like them a lot.
  • I considered these, went with the 178 instead. Running Warehouse had them on sale last week. Only one short run in them so far. I like the wrap style tongue. It seems to work well for me because pretty much every shoe I've ever had, the tongue slid over to the side. More so on my right foot. Toebox feels pretty nice on my foot, plenty of room. One issue so far is that I don't think I had them tied snugly enough, one sockliner started to slide back after a bit. Gonna try snugging up the laces a bitso or just pull it out if it continues to be an issue. The ride is pretty firm but I like it.
  • @mishima - I hope to get a review out, at the very least I'll share some initial thoughts here after I get a run or two in
  • That's nice to hear Peter, but may I ask why you opted against the 138s? Too minimal or strange colourway?

  • I like the thought of zero drop and, quite frankly, I prefer the color set BY FAR to the 178.
    Socks are a scam. Just saying :-)
  • @mishima A bit of both :) i was tempted to order the 138 as well but opted for a zero drop F-Lite instead.
  • @Bryan: After your disappointment with the Altra One, just get the 138s and go for a run already ;)  With all this Black Friday craziness happening over there you should be able to get a good price on them.

    @Peter: Yes, I reckon that there is always room for another pair of shoes in your little collection :)
  • The only thing about the 138 that I'm not sure about is sizing. Using Shoefitr, I should have an 11.5 if I size using my Levitas (which fit extremely wide in the toebox and fit pretty long, causing me to have to size down .5), but a size 12 if I go with my Bare Access 2's, which weren't quite wide enough in the toebox.

    Running Warehouse only has them in 12's :-(
    Socks are a scam. Just saying :-)
  • I have had the 208s for a while now. They are super comfortable but I started getting some injuries soon after I got them. As usual, hard to tell what exactly caused the injuries but I have been cautious in my use of these since then and have only done about 80km in them.
  • That drop's a little too high for my tastes.  Appreciate the info, though!
    Socks are a scam. Just saying :-)
  • Trying to talk myself out of getting them while they're still cheap...
    Socks are a scam. Just saying :-)
  • Bryan, did you pull the trigger on the 138s? Interested to hear feedback on the 138 and 178. Considering the 178 and Saucony Grid A5 for marathon-distance shoe. Kicking myself for missing the Black Friday deals!
  • I should have bought them when I saw 11.5's still for sale.  All they have left are 12's :-(
    Socks are a scam. Just saying :-)
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    Amazon has 11.5's for $49.99 plus $9.13 shipping.  One left in stock...they're calling your name...
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