Minimalist shoe w/ studs for running in ice & snow?

Are there any zero-drop/minimalist shoes with studs? What I'm looking for is not track shoes with spikes, rather I want shoes that I can use in the winter. Living in Sweden, I have a few months of ice and snow running per year, and while it's surely possible to run in my normal shoes (currently Mizuno Evo Wave Cursoris) I very much prefer spiked shoes, as they give me a more relaxed running style. I primarily run on asphalt.

These are the best I can some up with, but they are quite  built up...


  • You might want to try using these with your regular shoes:

    I have a different pair (the Pro) and they work pretty good on snow and ice.
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    Hadn't heard about these, they might just do the job. Thanks!
  • Not sure if it is more shoe than you want, but Inov-8 has a line called the OROC.
  • The problem with yaktrax is that you cant use them on plain asphalt but only on snow or ice. Normally when you run on asphalt in the winter theres sections with no ice or snow.

    I just use my trail shoes in the winter (live in Denmark btw :) ) - right now thats Books Pure Grit 2
  • I've also seen in other forums people discuss using sheet metal screws in their shoes for ice spikes.

  • Fatboy is right about the Yaktrax. I mainly use them after a fresh snow when there will be minimal exposed asphalt. But the Pro model that I have doesn't have spikes, (it just uses coiled metal), so there's no worry of damaging spikes on the road, and they don't interfere too much with my stride or anything on exposed asphalt. Best option is probably to get a pair of trail shoes (I use the Merrell Mix Master 2) and throw Yaktrax on them when it gets really gnarly out.
  • Inov-8 trailroc 245 or 255's have lots of tread and I found the 245's great last year in snowy and icy conditions (I live in Canada).
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    Tried a pair of yaktrax last winter. They may work with bulky shoes but not with more minimalist shoes. I used them mainly with my Trailrocs 235. The fit is not secure enough. I run in the mountains (Alps) and they came off my shoes not just once. A reviewer on the net said it nicely: good for walking the dog, not so good for serious trail running. Exactly my verdict.

    I tried other snow chains. They all do not work well with shoes where the uppers are more minimal. They work well with hiking boots.

    This winter I will drill spikes into an old pair of shoes. My trails are very steep and often very icy.

    However, it really depends on what terrain you run.
  • I typically just use trail shoes, and throw on YakTrax if it's really slippy out. You could also try something like this:
  • Living in Sweden, too, i just faced the same question. I think traction-wise and with respect to the occasional stretch of Tarmac in light run on you can't beat Icebug and their semi-retractable (or however you would call that) spikes. Alas their uppers are made for very voluminous midfoots - I never tested shoes which fitted my feet worse. :( Instead I went for the OROC. Maybe still too much for your feet and definitely suboptimal spike pattern (too few and too much in the centre of the shoe), but you could enhance that by adding some additional spikes (e.g. BestGrip). Next solution: take whatever shoes you like and add some screws or spikes or Yaktrax. Problem: most of these methods might not work that well with minimal shoes.

    As you live in the country of orienteering, I'd suggest that you go and find a shop which is specialized on orienteering shoes (I know there are some in GBG, STHLM and online, but I can't come up with names right now). Orienteering shoes are often very minimal and with spikes. While searching for my solution to the winter running problem I for example tested a pair of VJ Bolts: very minimal (more minimal than NB MT110 ) and with 15 or so spikes. I took the OROCs in the end because they are a little bit more versatile for me (I am not completely minimal in my shoe selection) and had a slightly better fit.

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