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  • Fate is so cruel. Thursday morning, I woke up with a pain in my left foot, on the lateral side, above the cuboid or thereabout. It mainly hurts during push-off, but push-off is pretty much...running. There is no pain upon applying pressure on any particular area of the foot. It doesn't hurt either if I stand on my toes. There is just a tiny bit of swelling at the end of the day right above the cuboid bone.
    It's weird and I feel defeated.

    So, it looks like my hesitation over shoes now seems very vain and silly.

  • Sports Doc said 4 weeks off. Midfoot Sprain. No marathon for me. This at the end of my best training cycle ever.
    Not in a happy place right now.
  • Bummer!  I know how that feels...
  • Second opinion maybe?
  • Yep, my wife literally pushed me to a chiropractor today. Now, it's the first time I see one of those and I have mixed feelings about them...yet, he did his exam and diagnosed cuboid syndrome. Then he did a manipulation to reset the cuboid bone in its proper place. Also did some adjustment in the pelvic and lumbar region. He said I should feel better within 24 hours. I thought it felt better sooner than that, as I was able to walk normally 2 hours later.

    But, I don't know...I'll wait and see. If the pain goes completely away before Friday, I might consider running the event. Otherwise, I'll cancel.

    I don't want to turn something minor into something major by taking silly chances.

  • You went to a chiro for a foot issue?  Just curious...I considered having them have a look at my left foot (left big toe's metatarsal isn't really weight-bearing).
  • Yes, I did.
    I suspected that my cuboid bone was not quite in its right place. X-ray images didn't show that, but the literature on cuboid syndrome indicates some dislocations do not show on X-ray imaging. I also noticed a difference between my left foot and my right foot above the cuboid bone. So, I thought it could be a structural issue.

    On the other hand, as I said, I am on the fence as far as the validity of chiropractic medicine is concerned. So, I initially rejected the idea of seeing a chiropractor. But, my wife talked me into it by saying I really had nothing to lose, that at best they would do nothing for me.
    Fortunately, we are near the Palmer Chiropractic Clinic West (, where many chiropractors have learned their trade over the years. So, I gave it a try.

    My foot feels much better today. Now, it could be that I have rested since last Sunday, or it could be the manipulation they did yesterday. I'm guessing I will never know for sure.

    With this improvement, though, I am now on the fence as to whether to run the race or not. I want to run, but I don't want to hurt myself. I should probably decide today or tomorrow. Those at the moments I don't like so much...
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    Regarding chriopractors, I'll add my two cents. I now actually work in a chiropractic clinic and as I understand it there are two sort of subgroups of chiros. One group practices a lot like physcial therapists, the other are more the blast you with Xrays and crack your back twice a week on an ongoing basis. Unfortunately the sketchier group gives the entire discipline a bad name. At my clinic we are very evidence based in our approach. I do gait analysis, we have a strength and conditioning coach, a massage therapist, and the chiro who owns the clinic. He specializes in manual therapy like ART, Graston, etc. and has developed a reputation as the guy to see locally if you are an injured athlete. Fun place to work!

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    Thanks, Pete. I totally agree with what you said. Some chiropractors are barely different from physical therapists or physiotherapists.

    I will also say I was quite impressed with the people I saw. Palmer is a teaching clinic, so I saw an intern, a third-year student and a fellow. They all operated in a very professional manner and did not try to talk me into returning for multiple adjustments.

    I still have not made my mind about whether to run or not. If you woke up tomorrow with barely a twinge there, would you chance it?
    It has been improving steadily over the past few days. It could well be that I have no pain at all comes Sunday.

    But, I must decide earlier if I want to be able to cancel the hotel reservation and other arrangements.

  • Went out for a 1.5 mile run tonight. I would say pain on push-off was a 2 on 1-10 scale.
    It didn't get worse during the run and got down to a 1 towards the end.

    Looks like if only I had another week, things would probably be entirely fine. Darn.
  • I need to find someone that'd do that kind of work for me.  Hard to know who to trust.
  • Tough call @eternalfury. How did it feel the next morning?
  • The next morning is now. Sore in that foot. I am calling it off. I can't run 26 miles on a foot that gets sore after a 1.5 mile easy run.
    It's defeating, but that's what I must do.

    Maybe I can do a shorter cycle for something else in March. For now, I will work on healing and strength.

  • That's a tough one.  Bummer.  Better safe than sorry, I think (at least for others - I don't always follow that advice personally, much to the chagrin of my wife...).

    As far as 'alternative' types of therapies, I'd put in a solid plug for acupuncture, with the caveat that Pete addressed above (find someone who is clued into evidence-based, sports/performance issues).  I went to an acupuncturist who treats a lot of athletes, and he did wonders for both plantar faciitis and IT band issues, working with a combo platter of acupuncture and topical herbs.  (I know, I was VERY skeptical too, but I'll be darned if it didn't work. He took care of my insomnia, too, for an added bonus)
  • Too bad, but probably the right call. Keep running regularly through the winter and you won't lose fitness, then maybe a Spring race is the way to go. Sometimes the hardest decision is the correct one when it comes to iffy injuries.
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