In trouble...

Since I decided not to run in the Kinvara 4 for my next marathon, I have been going back and forth without being able to settle on a replacement.

I thought I would go with the Ronin 5, but they gave me a blister on this morning's 18-mile run.

I like the Musha 5, but I don't know if I could take it up to 26.2 miles.

I decided the Sayonara is too stiff for that job.

Any other shoe I should explore. I got less than 4 week to rebase now.



  • What did you run in for you last one?
  • Have you tried the Skechers GoRuns? 
    Light weight, flexible and enough cushioning for a marathon if you ask me. You can probably get them on discount. 
    I have been setting pr's in my latest marathons and ½-marathons using the skechers so I can highly recomend them :)
  • Fastwitch 6 for the last one. They did fine, but they felt a little heavy towards the end.

    Not a fan of the Skechers at this point. They fit great, but the sole material they use seems to have density uniformity issues. (squishy in spots, hard in others, without consistency, and very sensitive to temperature..stiff in cold weather, floppy in warm weahter)

  • My thought is to run what you ran the last one in, if you're worried about the amount of training time you'll have in new shoes before the race.  Seems kind of common sense to me.
  • I would have said the Go Run2s as well.  I've run 4 halfs (halves?) in them and they have been great.  Easily my favorite shoe.  Maybe the Go Speeds?  I've never run in them, but would like to buy a pair (as soon as I can talk my wife into upping my shoe allowance... from the zero currently allotted). 

  • Currently considering New Balance 1600 vs. New Balance 1400V2
  • Ordered the 1400V2. Will run a 22-mile LR in them on Sunday. That should answer some questions.

  • I don't really heel strike, but I tend to wear the inside of the heel more than any other part of the shoe. What does it say about my gait?
  • Subtalar overpronation?
  • I wish I knew. It's very strange.
  • I'll be running in the GoRun 2s in my marathons this weekend. Great shoe. Highly recommended.
  • The 1400V2 rubbed the top of my big toes on the 22-mile run.

    Not very bad, but the skin broke and a couple of blood drops reached the socks.

    The fit is right, though. Don't know if I need to search for something else.

    The Type A5 looks interesting.

    Maybe I should stick with the Musha 5, which fits me great.
  • The interior of the 1400v2 is pretty scratchy, but I had no rubbing issues when wearing socks. Did go up a half size though. A5 is a great shoe, but a lot thinner than the 1400. Not sure I'd go full marathon in them, but no problem for a half.
  • I am back to considering the Virrata. I loved the shoe at some point. Will run the last 2 weeks in it and see if I feel it for the full distance.

  • Used the Virrata in my Spring marathon with no issues. Good forefoot cushion for a zero drop shoe!
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