Re-transitioning to minimal shoes

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I transitioned to minimal shoes last year and ran a half marathon in Bare Access 2s in May, but since the summer I've been running exclusively in Mirage 3s and Pure Flows to train for a marathon, which I just ran last Sunday. I'd like to start running in the Bare Access 2s again, specifically for a 5k on Thanksgiving. Should I transition into them as though I've never run in minimalist shoes before, or can I speed the transition up? 


  • Wouldn't surprise me if it only took you a couple weeks to be full-time in them.
  • Thanks, Bryan. I'm going to push it a little bit, but hold back if I feel anything weird. I did about 3 miles in them earlier this week and felt good apart from some soreness in my calves afterwards, but that's to be expected. 
  • I wouldn't recommend running the 5K unless you've got about a week's worth of running at least on them.  I've got nothing to back that up, of course.
  • You'll be fine.  I think people WAAAAAAAY over think the whole "minimalist transition" stuff.  5K isn't very long...
  • Probably not too much to worry about short of a bit of calf soreness. The Bare Access has enough cushion that it's not a huge jump from the Mirage/Flow. Listen to your body, back off if things are achy, and I think you should be fine.

  • Thanks. It's been fine so far. Up to running 6 miles in them with no problem.
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