Shoe confessional!

Ok here it goes, I have to admit that I really like running in the Nike Free 3.0v5. Number 1 reason, I love the fit! I put it on and forget it, I don't have to worry about hot spots blisters or tightness, but it's not sloppy. Number 2 I like the smoothness of the ride, it's flexible and just lets my foot do what it wants to do. I have tried other shoes, brooks pure flow, saucony Kinvara 4 and newton distance, but none have been able to knockout the Free. I know it's often thought of as a fashion shoe but it works for me and I am ok with that!

Now for the "shoe-ho" side of me, I would like a little firmer / more responsive shoe for speed work. Any recommendations?

Look forward to hearing your thoughts!



  • Why do you need to apologize for racking up miles in shoes that fit you?
  • Good point but it wasn't as much I can apology as it was an conversation starter on a shoe that doesn't get a lot of attention as a running shoe.
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    I had to respond... the Nike Free 3.0 is my husband's FAVORITE running shoe (but he is unable to wear the latest versions).  Ever since v3 they have changed the width of the shoe (or his feet have changed) and it is just too tight for him now.  He uses the brooks pure flow for training but in races, he loves the Nike Frees (for the same reasons you mentioned).    
  • I often wonder if the Free Flyknit would work out for me.  Sort of doubt it, but they certainly look cool!

  • No apology needed for liking the Frees, I have over 460 miles currently on a pair of Free 3.0 v3. I don't care about the fashion aspect of the Frees, I just find the 3.0 and 5.0 exceedingly comfortable.

    Here's a couple other shoes you might try, although I have limited experience with both:
    Asics Gel Lyte33 2 - See Pete's review at RunBlogger. I've only got 1 run on them so far, but they are softer than the Kinvara 4 and more flexible. They are the most flexible shoe I've encountered that looks like a traditional running shoe.
    Saucony Fastwitch 6 - Only tried these on a treadmill, but really liked them. I think they might be smoother than the Kinvara.

  • Bryan - I would need to try the flyknit on, it definitely has a distinct look and I like that!! 

    Kagule - This is the first pair of Frees (v5) I have owned and it is one of the wider shoes I have worn, I love it!  I think my foot is wider than average but not anything I worry about ordering wides when I do get new shoes

    Jim - I haven't run in the 5.0 but is it more responsive that the 3.0?  The other shoes you mentioned I am curious about but really am looking for something for more pop for speed work!  As you run in them more let me know what you think

  • Eric, I haven't run much in the 5.0, so I won't comment on that as far as running. I forgot to mention the Asics isn't considered a real responsive shoe from most reviews I've read. I would agree, just thought I'd throw it out for a flexible trainer. The Fastwitch is a racing shoe, so it should be plenty responsive.
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    @egranata: I haven't tried any of them, but one of the four shoes Pete has listed in the "0–6mm Racing Flats" category of the Recommended Shoes section of the site—the Saucony Grid Type A5, the Adidas Hagio, the Mizuno Universe, or the New Balance MRC5000—could be what you're looking for.
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