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Difference between Altras



  • Altra just emailed promo code FINISHLINE for 15% off thru 3/31.
  • So disappointing they're strapping more marshmallows on the bottoms of these shoes. I loved the Samson and the One because of their toebox and ground feel.  Both are great for running and crossfit... Have a pair of Instinct 1.5's for daily use, but rarely run in them due to the extra cushioning.  

    There are few, if any other shoes that fit my feet in the toe area. 
  • @Mitch8415 - have you tried any of the Topo or Skora shoes? They might meet your needs with Altra pulling away from the more minimal end of things.
  • I hear ya, Mitch.

    I love my Altras; have a pair for all (running) occasions.  Not going to get the Olympus, because for my purposes that is just too much.  But I do like the Lone Peaks, Torins, and the even new Instinct 2.0s.  They all are well cushioned and have their use, for me.

    But I can't believe that they are going to kill The One as we know it.  Nothing else out there has a toe box like Altra.  Going to stockpile a few pairs of The Ones before the "improvement" comes out.

    Does anyone know if they are planning to "improve" the Superiors?  They are great the way they are, trail or road.  Hope they keep well enough alone with those. 
  • I actually just reviewed the Altra The One2 - totally different shoe, but works well for me. I do think they should have released it as a new model and kept The One as a more minimal racing flat.

    The Superior 1.5 is out, it's just an upper update I think. 

  • Maybe I've been in minimal shoes too long, but I just have a hard time thinking of The One as a racing flat.  It seemed (to me) to be just a light trainer--which I would've LOVED it for, if only it fit my foot better.
  • Ipsimmus,
        Just think of it as this, The One is being renamed the 3-SUM.  Same shoe, better upper.  We had some fit issues with the original version of The One, but the 3-SUM did not have these issues.  So we kept the 3-SUM which as the exact same sole, same Last, same everything but a superior upper.  This should be of interest to BryanEW710 who was spot on with that last comment.  
  • The Repetition is the Stability version of The Torin.  
    The Torin is staying around.  
    The One2 added some cush because virtually every tester who was doing long runs needed some.  Luckily we were able to make it 1.5oz lighter and quite a bit more flexible too.  
    None of the current less cushy shoes are going away.  We aren't eliminating less cushy shoes, we just added some stuff to fill out the other side of the spectrum.  Ask yourself, is it better that people are out running in thick soled shoes with a big raised heel and a torpedo shaped toe box or that they have the chance to run in a thick soled shoe with Zero Drop and a Foot-shaped toe box?  We prefer to at least give them a choice :)

    -Golden Harper, Founder of Altra
  • Interesting comment about the 3-Sum...will it be staying on the same platform for another season, or getting a revamp like The One did?
  • I appreciate that you came here and chimed in, Golden.

    And I appreciate knowing that the 3-Sum is going to stay unchanged, filling the niche it shared with The One alone now.  I am sure I will love The One2--there hasn't  been a pair of Altras I haven't liked.  As long as you keep the 3-Sum and Superior more or less as they are......  

    Really like what you did with the Torin 1.5, BTW.

    And a question: can you please make available some longer shoelaces for the Instinct 2.0?  Thanks!

  • Peter... I have tried a pair of Topos.  Not a fan of the fit or the arch in the ones I ordered (M-RT) .  I am planning on looking into Skoras, but they seem narrow in the toe... might just be the way they look online.  

    Golden ... awesome that you stopped by and commented!  I agree 1000% with the zero drop/big toebox philosophy, just was concerned that there seemed to be no minimal options (Altra tweeted me a while back that there were no plans to reboot the Samson, which is my go-to Crossfit shoe), or at least it appeared you were retreating from them.   

    Are you guys planning on updating the 3-Sum, or adding more colors?
  • I tried to order the old Superior and The One but Altra has now killed both models. So it seems the only shoe they carry with any response now is 3-SUM. Maybe they are coming with a new version of that. I just love my The One and 3-SUM and Superior. All low profile and fast shoes. So now it is marshmellow shoes from Altra. I tried Hokas a year ago and could not get to like them although I wanted to. Maybe I would like some of the new cushioned Altra stuff. I am open minded! I love the Altra toe box though. Will be interesting to see what direction things are going in now. But like Altra says, they are no minimalistic shoe company. Long time since they droppen the Samson. The Olympus are even fatter than Hokas!
  • I'm on the website now, and I still see the Superior and The One for sale, but in limited sizes.  The One does have a new version, the One2 as does the Superior, the Superior 1.5
  • The One2 is a completely redone shoe, much softer than the original. The Superior 1.5 has the same sole as the original I believe. And yet, the 3-Sum is staying around and the intent is that it will be the racing flat equivalent going forward. Update in the Fall I think.
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