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Difference between Altras

edited October 2013 in Altra
Can someone please summarise the difference between the Altra One, Instinct, and Torin?

I tried reading the website, but like most company sites, it's hopelessly full of marketing speak with no real usable info.


  • I can at least give you the differences between The Instinct and The One:
    1.) The One fits a little shorter than The Instinct in the same size
    2.) The One has a more high-volume upper but is, ironically, on a more narrow last
    3.) The One has, IMHO, a softer ride

    Does that help?
  • I thought I would ask the question the difference between certain Altras as well. From what I understand, there will be an Instinct 1.5, an Instinct 2 which is close to the Torin, the Torin 1.5, the max cushion Olympus, and now the max cushion Altra Paradigm. Will this mean the end of the Torin? I'm confused. . .
  • Looks like the Paradigm is a ways off, as it's not in their spring 2014 catalog. So sometime 2nd half of 2014. Torin 1.5 is due to hit the stores in the next week, so I doubt they're planning to ditch a shoe that hasn't even launched yet!

    Just heard about the Paradigm - 34mm stack height! That's a lot of cush. Altra really does seem to be doing a lot to elbow into the Hoka-space.
  • The One is disappearing in it's current form to become a higher stack lightweight trainer in the One 2. The Instinct is gaining some stack in v2. The Torin is staying around, 1.5 is coming. Olympus and Paradigm are max stack cushy shoes. Only shoes that will remain under 20mm stack are the Superior and 3-Sum I think.

  • Bummed. The One 2 looks like if Skora and Nike free were to have a thicker love child. I apologize for my skepticism, but it seems there are too many shoes with similar characteristics (cushion, stack height, etc).

  • It should be called the Altra One One ;)
  • edited January 2014
    Sure Peter, it is all about the toe box. I am a big fan of Altras because of the toe box. Sure there are competitors if you think of stack height and drop. I am not a fan of the maximalist direction but maybe there is something I am missing. I tried a pair of Hokas once and they were at least very comfortable. What they do to my form I don't know. Might just get me a pair of Olympus to try.

    I am glad I got some of the current Altra models before they "stack" them up. One 2 - did not like that. Here is what I think of some of the shoes:

    1) The One - (have them) fantastic workout shoe for anything from speed work, intervals to half marathon.

    2) Torin - (have them) very cushioned for me and nice shoe for slower recovery runs.

    3) Superior - (have them) light trail shoe works well on snow for me. Altra replaced my ripped Superior for the new Superior 1.5 which seem to have fixed the flaws now.

    4) Provision - (have them) stability shoe with less cushioning than Torin. But extremely comfortable

    5) Olympus - do you love Hokas trail shoe but not the toe box? This must be a god sent shoe then!
    - wait for the road version very soon! They really got it for Hoka lovers!

  • Nate recently got the Olympus, hopefully he'll get a review up soon.
  • Looking forward to what Nate says. Was just on RunningWarehouse and noticed the Altra Repetition. Is this the stability version of Olympus/Paradigm? Torin?
  • edited February 2014
    Eman- I guess the classifications are personal, but it looks to me most likely a stability-oriented Torin. About the same amount of cushion, just a tad less than the Olympus/Paradigm, with a road outsole. Here's a link I've found to their spring 2014 catalog, which shows Altra's specs for the Repetition (doesn't have Paradigm, One 2, etc., which are summer releases):
  • TRD- Thanks for the link! Will be interested to see what happens this year in running.
  • Well Altra lists the Repetition in the "stability" class so I guess it is a fat version of the Provision. Man, they are really putting cushion on those new shoes. Glad I have the old oversions and The One.
  • I have to say pretty sceptical about the altra Olympus but I have to report i purchased and can confirm they are the best trail shoes I have ever run in and I have run plenty over the last 30 years. As such I am very much looking forward to the road version! Try before you criticise the height otherwise you are commenting without justification this stacked zero drop is very good!
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