Minimus Trail 10v2 redrawn/discontinued?

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I was browsing through the official New Balance store at yesterday, when I happened upon a review/comment done by a user regarding the Minimus MO10 that caught my eye. I quote: "I started with the Minimus 10v2's (which I found out New Balance JUST pulled from their Minimus line!) ...." This user is looking for trail shoes, so he could not have meant the Road 10v2's, and the fact that there are no MT10v2's available at the site seems to confirm this statement. I have no idea where the reviewer got this information from, and I can't seem to find any official statement from New Balance regarding this.

If this is indeed the case then I am not really surprised; my first pair of the MT10v2's are already breaking apart after no more than 300k/180mi, whereas my old MT10's lasted more than twice that before deteriorating somewhat (still run in them though!). I hope that they are pulling the model to do an overhaul of the upper material and then release a new version of it, but it might be down to something completely different. Retailers still seem to be selling what they have in stock though.

Just curious to hear if anyone else have heard something about this and can shed some light upon it. I know better than to trust some random reviewer on the internet - might just be that they are out of stock or changing colours really ;)


  • Running warehouse has a gore-tex version now.
  • Interesting...the Gore-tex version seems to be based on version 1.
  • Yes, the MO10 that I mention above is the multi-sport version of the old MT10, and they have obviously upgraded to Gore-tex in the upper now. Looks like a nice shoe, but in my experience Gore-tex in shoes just doesn't work.

    One would expect to see a MO10v2 version instead of the old model, but that might still be in the works. Just have to wait and see what New Balance are up to.
  • Yes, it doesn't get nearly cold and wet enough where i live to justify waterproofing on shoes.
  • Me, either.  My feet sweat even in the dead of winter.

  • Alright, slightly off topic here :)

    I just meant that the Gore-tex membrane doesn't seem to last very long in neither running nor hiking shoes - my girlfriend is not very hard on her shoes, yet they don't stay watertight for more than a few months. I actually tried a pair of Nike Pegasus GTX's that only lasted a year - I had hardly been running in the shoe at all, just been hiking a bit during the wet season. Had a full refund though since Gore Tex claims life-long guarantee for the membrane. Since then I've discovered that I - like Bryan - don't really get cold feet during winter and run sockless in my MT110's during the Swedish winter.

    Would still like to know what NB has planned for the updated MT10's though; hope they bring back the original model instead ;)
  • Haven't heard anything about the shoe being dropped. Would be a shame as it's one of my favorites among the Minimus line. I think New Balance has had a tendency to pump out way to many different models and should focus their effort more on refining some of their better shoes, the MT10 being one of them.
  • I just noticed that the model has resurfaced at, albeit in only one colourway, so I suppose that the rumours about its death were somewhat exaggerated.

    You are absolutely right; the amount of New Balance models in the minimus line alone makes my head spin. A lot of those shoes doesn't even look minimal to me, and when it comes down to the quality issues in recent models I think NB has some serious work to do in order to not lose their devoted customers.

    Let us hope that the MT10v3 brings the model back to its former glory ;)
  • Yes, quality is my big issue with a lot of recent New Balance shoes. 730v2 upper tore with minimal miles, MT00 sole delaminated with minimal use, MT110 original versions had that somewhat variable sole slant. Reduce number of models, get quality in order what be my suggestions for NB.
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