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Skechers GoRun3

edited October 2013 in Skechers

First picture of the new GoRun3.....




  • I have three iterations of the GR3 - mainly an upper update, but it looks great! Will share as soon as I'm given the green light.
  • I saw an ad for GRR3 with Meb Keflezighi in Runner's World. Any hint when GR3 or GRR3 might be released?
  • There is a go run 3 on the skechers site now
  • They should've called it the 2.5.

  • It looks like a version I will skip. My original Go Run and Go run 2 are still far from worn down, but, more important, the sole of the Go run 2 is just not wide enough for my feet and a bit to squishy for my taste. I mainly use them for recovery runs. 
  • @Rudy - I tend to agree on the sole squish. Skechers actually made me a special one-shot version with a slightly firmer sole. Very nice! Problem is some people like the squish so from a business standpoint changing the feel is risky.
  • Ha, it looks like I should get connected to some people inside Skechers :) Although the Go Bionic are still my favorite Skechers model (almost 500K on my first pair) and they don't have the squish.
  • The GoBionic 2 is going to be nice, same sole, much better upper.
  • I put 1090km on original Go Run and that's about what they can handle. Now have Go Run 2 120km so far - they feel good to run but it seems to me that they are kind of short in size 11. Anyway - I'll stick with Skechers for now and probably upgrade to Go Run 3 when review is out :)
  • i have been wanting to get a pair of the go bionic trails but the site is out of my size. There is an all weather model now any info on this model? i have the fo run rides and love them but slippery on trails. Is there a new trail shoe coming out? I have a local store but they don't carry any trail shoes from the go line.
  • Can't wait to get my hands on the GR3.  I've got 2 pair of the GR2's - 400 miles on one pair, and still going strong.  Just wore them this morning on my run.
  • @bbqscotty - I should be getting a pair of the GB All Weather soon. stay tuned. The GoRun Ultra just came out, good review here by a guy who helped develop it: 
  • edited December 2013
    I've put about fifty miles on the GR3s and I love them! The Skechers store also had the GR2s but I preferred the feel of the GR3s more, mainly due to the lack of the bump in the middle of the shoe. The toe box is wide enough that I sized down a half size from my Saucony Kinvara3/full from Saucony Fastwitch 5&6 size. Thanks for helping design an awesome shoe! 

    PS Do you have any recommendation on shoes that are similiar to the GR3s that might work well for me? I have a 50k trail race coming up in a month or so and am thinking of getting a second pair to train in (doesn't have to be trail specific). The Kinvara 3s did not work out too well for me (too firm, if I recall correctly), while the Fastwitch's worked pretty well but may have been a tad bit narrower than optimal.
  • Thanks! You could try the Skechers GoBionic Trail, or maybe the Nike Free 3.0 v5. The latter is a tad narrower than the GR3 but worked fine on my feet.
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