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Hey all. I've always wavered between a size 7.5 and 8 in most shoes. When I go to running shoe stores, they've always put me in 8s, and I've managed to deal with any heel slippage by using creative lace tying. I've bought a few 7.5s as well, though, and have felt comfortable in them, but I get some blister, mostly behind my big toe on the bottom/side of my forefoot and on the tip of my second toe, which is the longest. Obviously that's not good, but I feel like a get better ground feel at toe-off with the smaller shoe. In terms of room in the forefoot, there's either a bit less than a thumbnail's width or a bit more. My question is, do you think it's better to have a more secure heel and deal with some blisters, or to have a roomier fit and sacrifice ground feel at toe off? Is it just a matter of preference at this point?


  • Hi Dan.  I find that removing the shoes insoles creates a bit more volume, you might try that in you 7.5's - if of course you don't use orthotics etc.  As far as heel slippage goes, I don't like it at all, and like you I favour a shoe that has better ground feel at toe-off.  If you have about a thumbnail's width of room up front that's fine, if you're touching the end of the shoe with your toe then you're not fine - this could lead to problems with the metatarsals from what I've read.  So my advice is go with the less sloppy shoe, and remove the insole. 
  • " So my advice is go with the less sloppy shoe, and remove the insole."

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  • I've run about 25 miles in the size 8s, but I've found that I'm experiencing some ankle pain now. I think it's because I have to tie them too tight. The size is definitely just off. Unfortunately, the site I bought them from, while really cheap, doesn't allow returns of used products. Anyone interested in a pair of size 8 Mirages?
  • The answer always depends on several personal factors, one of which is your stride.
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