Need a little help - a thin insole

First off - Peter's review of the Newton Energy was spot on.  I tried them with the Newton insole and my heel wasn't tight enough.  Took it out - perfection.

My problem is I don't have an old pair of GoBionic or GoRun (like Peter mentioned) to steal the insole out of.  I'm looking for just a thin insole with no heel offset - like a 3mm or something.  Does anyone know where I can buy that online?  I've looked without much luck..

Or, if anyone has some insoles (used or not) that would fit this criteria that they would sell me - I would greatly appreciate it!  I know you wouldn't make a bunch of money on it, but it would be a help.



  • These appear to be the two best options I've found..  No idea how thick they are, but I'm sure they are thicker than the GoBionic insole.  May have to work.  No idea if they would be thinner than the Newton's..

  • Inov-8 does have a 3mm insole thats pretty flat that they sell aftermarket. Zappos has them sometimes.
  • Thanks.  Found some basic ones at Walmart that are working.
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