Garmin Forerunner 620 and 220 Preview

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Just posted previews of the Garmin Forerunner 620 and 220. The 620 can apparently calculate cadence, ground contact time, and vertical oscillation using a new heart rate monitor that incorporates an accelerometer. Also supposedly can estimate VO2max vian the new HRM. Should be very interesting to see how well it works!

Here's a YouTube preview:


  • And a hands-on preview by DC Rainmaker:
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  • looks truly amazing.
    Would be interested in buying if I had the money laying around.
    I might buy me a forerunner 10 instead ;) Which is perfect for my needs, but that 620 man....
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    I should see if I can get me a 10 cheap :-)
  • I wonder if the contacts on the FR620 for the charging cradle will corrode like the FR610.
  • I never had issues with contacts on my old Forerunner 305 and newer 310 XT. I sweat a lot, and my sweat acidity level is high (can't deal with cheap watches and eyeglasses metal frames that are not titanium or stainless steel).

    Is there something different with FR610?

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    The new heart rate monitor that incorporates an accelerometer, might make me switch to this new model. It would enable me to get rid of my Foot Pod which might be usefull when barefooting. 8;-)

    I think I'll be a smart follower though. I want to see if there is issues with the watch and HRM. I am currently testing a Polar HRM Belt and I am more pleased than with Garmin Soft one.
  • I ordered one today as I think some of the features on running efficiency might help this aging runner. It looked interesting enough in dcrainmaker's review for me to cancel an order for a Suunto. I have a 305, and a 310XT so after careful thought I decided it just didn't make sense to abandon Garmin in spite of a few issues I've had with the 310XT Ant system. The wifi connection looks like it will resolve that situation although I have to admit, I've had less trouble lately with the Ant system itself. My problems have been with the charging, and the contacts somehow losing same, resulting in a dead watch in the morning. If I only run 5-6 miles I don't see why the 310 doesn't have enough battery left for another run when it's been sitting there for just one day, even if it did manage to escape the charger. I've had 3 failures on runs, 1 of which was important and the cause of some obscenity directed toward Garmin (in my mind only) and a desire to leave things Garmin behind! Deliberation, and a cooler head resulted in another Garmin expenditure that should be delivered by Thursday latest. I may wish I'd kept the Suunto!
  • I like the 620 a lot. It does have accuracy issues on occasion (maybe 1 in 10 runs for me) where it seems to forget where it is for a minute and frame shift your track off where it should be, but seems to always be spot on with my iPhone for total run stats.
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