Mizuno Wave Sayanora vs. Pearl Izumi EM Road N1

I am looking for a shoe for faster-paced moderate distance (10-18 miles) training and am currently looking at the Mizuno Wave Sayanora and Pearl Izumi EM Road N1.  Over the past 3 years I have transitioned to low (<4mm) and zero drop shoes for almost all my running.  I recently picked up a pair of Newton Energy NR ( 6mm drop with insole) and really like the shoe for my faster-paced long runs.  The extra drop has not impacted my stride at all which has given me confidence that the listed higher drops of the Sayanora and N1 (though I know the drop is "variable" on the N1) will not be a problem. I know that Pete has hinted in a couple of places that he has noticed the higher drop in the Sayanoras.  Like many others on this forum, I am a total running shoe geek and collector, so this this is more about want than need at this point.  If it helps at all, some of the shoes I presently use are:

General Weekday Runs (5-8 miles) - Saucony Kivara 3/4 & Virrata, Altra The One, Newton Gravity, Skechers GoRun2, New Balance MT1010, Mizuno Evo Cursors

Long Runs - Brooks Pure Flow, Newton Energy NR

15k to Half-Marathon Racing - Newton Distance, Brooks Pure Connect (a bit narrow but love the cushioning/responsiveness combo for this distance)

5k to 10K Racing - Saucony Grid Type A5, Skechers GoMeb (GoSpeed), Newton MV2

I know Pete has a very positive review of the N1 and is working on his Sayanora review, but I would love some feedback from him and others who may have experience running in the N1, the Sayanora or both.  Thanks!!

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