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Hi All,

I'm a fairly average runner, currently doing 3 times a week, working slowly back up to 4 runs a week and decent mileage after a period of inactivity. I run in Mizuno Wave Inspire 9s on road, really like them and they seem to be doing the job of keeping my overpronation in check.

I'm interested in buying some hill shoes as I do quite a few hill races (in scotland- mostly mud, sheet rock and wet grass); some cross country (see mud and wet grass, not running XC often enough to buy spikes really) and only on trails very occasionally.

I'm interested in Inov8s as they really are the beast for wet and muddy conditions (have tried on both 212 xtalons and have run a few miles in my friends 265 mudclaws), but I'm worried about their very low drop compared to my Mizunos. The Mizunos are about 8 drop I think, the Inov8s I'm interested in are about 3mm drop.

Do you think this will be an issue? I'm likely to still be mostly training in Mizunos on road. I'm also open to other fell shoes if anyone has any idea but they really do need to be GRIPPY as a lot of the races I do are straight up and down rough terrain.



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    I went from 12mm Asics GT-2160's to 4mm Saucony Mirage 2's to 0mm Merrell Bare Access 2's the space of about a year or so (really less than that).  I personally didn't notice a lot of calf pain during the transition, but it could be because I was running less than 20mi/wk.  You might want to think about something like the Merrell Mix Master, which is a 4mm drop.

    Point is, I honestly didn't find the 12mm to 4mm transition to be that difficult.  Once I could do 4mm, 0mm seemed like a piece of cake.
  • I think you'd be fine but you will need to transition to the lower drop. Do it slowly working up to more and more in the new shoes each week.

  • I just got the Salomon Fellraiser 6mm drop, great fit, outstanding cushioning and really a great tread pattern for the type of running you described.  I really like it as it is a great shoe that goes from the tarmac to trail well.  Price is good too.
  • Get or try Inov8 Rocklite, 6mm drop, it was my perfect transition shoe. Mud, snow..perfect grip. Compared to Salomon, they should be more durable and last longer. Did some 1500 in mine and they will be still good for another 500.
  • I want to add something to Bryan's comment: For me an important factor in the transmission to a lower drop was the cushioning of the shoes. Things went quite smoothly will cushioned low-drop shoes (i.e. Kinvara or GoRun2) for me, but firmer shoes (MT110 or even my New Balance RC1600) where not so nice for my calves! Yet, for Fell conditions this might not matter that much, because I assume that the ground is quite soft.
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